Saturday, December 18, 2010

Get Ready for a Great 2011!

Hi Everyone,

This post will be the most personal one I've ever written. I know I've disappeared for most of the year. As a member of a country club in the Bay Area, I took up the challenge in mid-May to stop the Board of the club from making some foolish mistakes in renovating the beautiful, classic "Golden Age" course I've played for the last 20 years. The list of mistakes are numerous, and the fight to save the club has become futile.

Because I no longer wish to contribute to the destruction of the club, I have decided to leave the club at the end of this year. I do so with sadness because I have so many fond memories on the course: three separate holes-in-ones, countless rounds with my father, my niece, and my nephew, and countless rounds with friends that I'll miss and hope we'll continue playing together elsewhere.

It's been a tough year staying focused on business (although I did launch my Golf to the Green Celebrity Interviews) and this coming year looks like a tough one as well given that my nearly 13-year old Cocker Spaniel, Reggie, has been initially diagnosed with cancer. I learned yesterday, on my birthday no less.

I can't tell you the tail spin it has put me in. The sadness, feeling of helplessness, and fear for my Reggie. We'll know more on Wednesday or Thursday when his biopsy results come in. If you believe in the power of prayers and positive thoughts, please send some his way. Reggie and I thank you for doing so. My friend, who was helping me prepare the book proposal for my business golf book, On Course for Business, found Reg darting across a busy street near the golf course and took an hour to catch him. She brought him to my house, and we had a bumpy start, but the rest is history.

I was online this morning and saw a post for a vision board software. Don't know if you have ever created a vision board where you cut out magazine pictures and post them on a board. I've done it in the past, and was amazed when I looked at how many of the pictures became a reality in my life... including Reggie.

Check it out: I know with what's going to go on with Reg, I'm going to need help staying focused on my goals for 2011. I have several exciting projects in the works that I look forward to sharing next year, and will need to keep moving forward. What I like about this software is you can play the video of your vision board on your computer, iPad, smartphone, or post a copy of your vision board on the wall of your office. I plan to play my vision board video on my iPhone when I wake up and before I go to sleep. If you want to lower your handicap, put it on your vision board.

I hope you have a joyful Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy 2011! Tell those you love that you do so, and stay healthy.

Best regards and pars,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nicklaus and Annika versus Norman and Ochoa

Wouldn't that be a great match to watch in some Skins format or some other tournament? Unfortunately it's not a match on the golf course that is happening any time soon.

It is about a golf course though in Rio de Janerio, the host of the 2016 Olympics. The two pairs are competing for the design of the golf course to be played when golf is officially back in the Olympics. The Olympic committee though hasn't decided whether it will use an existing course or decide to build a new course.

Annika and I spoke about the 2016 Olympics when I interviewed her in my Golf to the Green Celebrity Interviews. I enjoyed talking with her about what she thinks about playing golf for business (rather than as her business) and what she's been doing since leaving golf. I invite you to listen in to our interview!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GM as Tournament Sponsor

There are rumblings that GM is going to be named as sponsor of the Doral tournament. Last year was the first year that GM wasn't a sponsor of a golf tournament in decades.

GM will be using its Cadillac brand, which makes sense as it markets to high worth folks, and those folks play golf.

It's good to see a few companies coming back to golf as sponsors. Good for the game and I hope it means a positive outlook for the US economy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nick Watney Star Struck

Nick Watney must have people asking for his autograph all of the time now that he's won twice on the PGA Tour. At Justin Timberlake's Shriner Hospital Open tournament in Vegas though, Watney is the one that's star struck.

Nick was seen getting Jerry Rice's autograph on his cap and golf ball. As a native Northern Californian, Watney thinks Rice is the greatest wide receiver (won't get many arguments) and was thrilled to get Rice's autograph.

After speaking with Jerry for my Golf to the Green Celebrity Interviews, I'm sure Jerry was thrilled to give Watney his autograph. Rice is a golf addict and respects the athleticism that golf requires. I found him humble and a delight to talk with.

Check out the four short videos that I give you on business golf, and then you'll get a chance to hear what Jerry has to say about playing golf.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Golf Travel Bag Alert

If you're flying to play some golf, you use a golf travel bag and check-in you bag. You have your clubs, GPS, golf balls, shoes, umbrella possibly, tees, and other golf paraphernalia. If you have room, you might put in a pair of tennis shoes and other items to fill your bag.

If you put in non-golf shoes though, you'll be breaking airline rules about what can be in a golf bag. You can only have one pair of golf shoes apparently. And, if you won a driver and now have 15 clubs in your golf bag, that's also breaking the rules. So much for winning... I suppose you'd need to send the club home separately or be charged extra by the airline.

Let's hope most agents don't check our golf bags so carefully. It's sure getting difficult to fly unfortunately.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fore Warning!

During my presentations to golfers, especially new golfers, I emphasize the importance of yelling, "FORE!!!" if an errant shot may hit someone.

A 69-year old man in Southern California was hit on the head with a golf ball, and nine days later he died of the injury. It's a serious matter to yell fore if someone may possibly get hit, and it's important to protect your head if others are yelling fore near you.

If you're part of a foursome and the player doesn't yell fore when he or she should, then you should shout it if you think someone is in danger. And, remember, to really shout. It does the folks in danger no good, if only those on the tee can hear you.

Be careful and play smart!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Start Your Own Business Golf Networking Group

I read a story about a Florida-based financial advisor who started her own business golf networking group. What a great idea! Get other passionate golfers to play golf together to build their business relationships and increase their bottom line. As we go into end-of-year planning, think about whether you can do this, and start planting the seeds for a spring event. Let me know if you decide to do this. It could be lots of fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golf Channel's Rymer's Ideas to Improve Golf

Charlie Rymer has come up with his ten ways to change the game of golf. You can find it here.

I like some of them, such as simplifying the rules for amateurs, preventing sandbaggers, having 3-, 6-, and 12-hole loops, and some other ideas. He thought amateurs should also have different size holes, like a 10" hole. I'm not sure if I can along with that size hole. I understand where he's coming from though, but that seems a bit much.

What do you think of Rymer's ideas?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You America's Greatest Putter?

On September 24-30, 2011 at The Crossings at Carlsbad, in sunny Carlsbad, California, you can compete for the title of America's Greatest Putter. It's going to be held on the practice putting green of The Crossings at Carlsbad, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

So it's a little less than a year away, and if you're a great putter, why not?! It's a $100 entry fee only. Invite a client, and prepare for a fun time. Combine it with a trip to TaylorMade or Callaway's fitting centers as well.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up and

Where have I been these last few months? I became very involved with my golf club and fighting against the board's selection of a golf course architect and the scope of renovations to the club. I can go on, but let's just say it's amazing how people think (or don't think), and what people are willing to fight for (or not fight for). I'll be glad to see my club in existence in several years. Several members and I are not too optimistic.

On another note about private clubs, there is a company, called Boxgroove ( It's an interesting service where private clubs join its network. So, even though you're not a member of the private club, you can play it as a member of Boxgroove. In this economy, it makes sense for private clubs to open some play to the public. Who knows someone playing the course may like it so much, they'll join as a result.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Phil's Advice to Less Experienced Players

Phil Mickelson gives great advice to less experienced players. Play with better players to improve your game. Don't be afraid.

I'm not a great golfer, and my handicap is lower than most of the women at my club. I have said to several of them that we should play together. They usually reply that they wouldn't play with me because "I'm too good." Or, I'll make them nervous.

I tell them I don't care how you play as long as you can keep up, know your etiquette, and are fun. I instead tell them it's better for their game because they'll see a different tempo or might learn from watching what I or another better player do on the course.

I like it that Phil admits he plays better with Tiger in the field. Should be a good Memorial tournament.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rice DQ-ed

Jerry Rice was disqualified today because his caddie used a rangefinder. I'm disappointed for him and am not surprised at his comments. He took ownership for the error, "a rookie mistake that I made." I'm glad he didn't blame it on his caddie or say his caddie should have known better.

It also sounds like he's no longer going to play on the Nationwide Tour. "Because I can't commit to golf the way I want to, this is probably my last Nationwide Tour event," Rice said. "These guys, they're working their butts off and they deserve to be out here."

I worked with his agent for three months to find time to do our interview. I knew where each of them were by following their Twitter posts. During that time, he was going to the Super Bowl, going to a DeBartolo wedding, getting inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, doing an event for Gillette, practicing for his first tournament, and I'm sure many other events that I didn't know about. I certainly understand why he doesn't have the time to commit to the game.

And he was well aware that he was taking another pro player's spot in the field. He wanted to do well because of it. As I said yesterday, I have no doubt if he had the time to commit to golf, he'd make the cut on the Nationwide Tour at some point. Remember that this is the guy that dropped so many balls in his rookie year and was seen crying in front of his bench after a game. He works hard and after speaking with him, I can see why he broke so many records on the NFL.

Jerry, I hope you finish this weekend and play as a celebrity.

Pebble Beach is Ready for the US Open

The US Open is going to be played at Pebble Beach on June 14-20th. I've played Pebble twice and look forward to seeing the course and all of its changes. Check out the changes and the beautiful pics:

Are you going to Pebble to watch the tournament? I have gone to Pebble and Olympic to watch the big tournaments. Everyone should see the pros hit balls live... it's so different than on t.v.. You get to hear the sound of a sweet shot and see how fast the ball comes off the clubface. But it's hard to follow your favorite player and get a good view. There's an excitement in the air though that's like no other. Can only imagine what it's like at The Masters.

Mark your calendars!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jerry Rice's Woes on the Course

Living in the Bay Area, I was a fan of Jerry Rice's when he played for both the 49ers and the Raiders. He was amazing to watch as he caught balls and then ran for more yards after the catch than any other receiver. Some say he's the best football player ever and who can argue with that? In August, he's going to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his first year of eligibility.

Jerry has gone pro as a golfer. He played locally in the Fresh Express Classic, a Nationwide Tournament, and finished second to last. This weekend he's playing in South Carolina, and shot a 92 in the opening round of the BMW Charity Pro-Am.

He's gotten some criticism about taking a burgeoning, hard-working pro's spot in tournaments. When I spoke to him for my latest product, he was aware that people might feel that way, and was sincere in his desire to make the cut. A friend played with him at the Fresh Express Pro-Am, and said he can work the ball, hits shots pretty pure, but his putter isn't quite at the pro level.

After talking with him, I have no doubt that he'll make the cut of a pro tournament eventually. He's on a steep learning curve; yet with his dedication, work ethic, determination, and pure love of the game, I know he can do it.

If you're wondering how it was to talk with him, there was not an ounce of ego or arrogance. We met a few weeks after we talked, and he gave me a kiss and a hug at the Pairings Party. He's a gentleman and a self-avowed addict of the game! Keep positive, Jerry!

Tips to Avoid Slow Play

I found an article about how to speed up your play. Check it out at:

I have a couple of additional tips. First, limit your practice swings to 1-2. I've stood and watched people take 3-4 practice swings and I'm sure one of those would have been a better shot than their actual (and eventual) swing.

Second, don't stand over the ball at address for too long. I played behind a guy who stood over the ball and took the term "address" to a whole other level. My playing partners started counting how long his address was and it was 20-30 seconds before he hit the ball. You're familiar with that saying, "Paralysis by analysis." It doesn't help you stay relaxed and have a smooth swing, if you're standing like a statue before you take your swing.

Slow play is very detrimental to the game. When people complain they don't have time to play golf, slow play is a contributing factor. It's unnecessary and you really don't make friends with your playing partners if you play slowly and hold your group up.

I'm not saying you have to run through the course, but if you follow these tips, you should speed up your play. Play well and play more!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Plays Out on the Course

My handicap index has been the highest its been in a long time. I was at a low of 9.9 after last year's season, and I'm starting this season at 13.0. I've been busy with my latest project and distracted by working with vendors (some great and some horrible). And, my life has showed up on the golf course. Scoring higher, hitting poor shots, and just distracted with everything that was going on. Since the project has been completed, I can thankfully say my game is back to normal more or less.

Look at what's been going on with Tiger. If you watched Tiger in his last two tournaments, you've seen shots that we've never seen before from him--pop ups with a 3-wood, missing 2 footers, and even not making the cut. He's obviously very distracted with his life right now. The latest being his bulging disk in his neck (which I can empathize with him because I have one too) and his long-time swing coach, Hank Haney, resigned today.

The lesson I'm learning from my poor play these last few months is I need to be not so hard on myself when I'm not playing well. Besides weather and wet conditions being a factor with some high scores, I was also not focused on my golf game. Now that things have calmed, I'm swinging more smoothly and slower, and suddenly hitting the ball well again.

So if you've got stuff going on in your life, and your game isn't its usual best right now, be understanding and look forward to the days of playing well again when things settle down.

Play well and play often!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lessons from Playing in a Golf Tournament

I played in a two-day tournament on Monday and Tuesday and it was an eye-opener for two reasons.

First, the Board at my club is currently holding a vote for a proposal to re-do the golf course. I can't tell you more, except new greens are included in it because the Board hasn't told us specifically what they plan to change. Members are told that the course is in poor condition and we need to take out up to a $4.5 million loan to fix it.

The first course I played on the greens and fairways were in worse condition than my course. Do you know the artist, Jackson Pollack? He was a famous painter who threw multiple colors on the canvas off of his brushes. So, his art work had lots of dots on it. Those were the greens we played on. Obviously the greens are badly diseased and were in much poorer condition than my course. The fairways were also not in better shape than my course. I'm sure the initiation fee for that course is multiple folds higher than at my course, so it was great to be able to compare what we have and what we're told we have as a course.

The second thing that I learned is to always check the ball before you hit it. My playing partner and I played with two other women from another team. On a long par-5, we each had to hit three blind shots. On the approach shot, the three other gals hit their balls and I hit the ball closest to the green. I assumed it was mine since the others hit a ball.

Unfortunately, I hit the ball of the other gal's ball. I discovered that we hit the wrong ball when I marked what I thought was my ball on the green. So, we marked our balls, and then went back to hit where each of our original balls were, and played both balls out. We both had a two-stroke penalty for hitting the wrong ball.

I learned my lesson! I have to check my ball as well, and not assume it's mine because it's the only one left.

My team didn't win anything, but it was fun and a definite learning experience!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Strange Day of Golf

I played with my most of my usual Sunday playing partners: my dad, who is 82 and still walks our hilly course, a dear friend, and her husband. He's not played with us as often over the years. I'm not sure why, except in the past a lot of bickering on the course occurred between them.

Today all went well until the 16th hole. My friend's husband hit several bad shots in a row, and pulled his final shot left toward the clubhouse. Yes, it was his final shot because he then walked across the 14th fairway to the edge of the fairway on the 18th.

None of us knew why he left in the middle of the hole. Was he upset that we didn't help look for his ball? His wife and my dad said the ball was in clear view. Was he not feeling well? Was he tired? We didn't know until we reached the green on the 18th. He explained that his left knee was giving out, so he didn't want to play anymore. That was understandable, but it would have been nice of him to tell us.

We then went into the clubhouse and saw the final hole of the Verizon Heritage tournament. On the playoff hole, Brian Davis hit his approach shot into the shore and his ball was on the sand with weeds and reeds around it. He took his club back and hit one of the reeds, and got the ball onto the green. Immediately though he called the rules official and explained what had happened.

Because the reed wasn't growing, it was considered a loose impediment and he was assessed a two-stroke penalty under Rule 13-4 for hitting a loose impediment during his back swing in a water hazard.

For Brian Davis to call a penalty on himself was admirable. He might not have won today's tournament, but he certainly won a lot of respect from his competitors and golf fans alike.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lightening Strikes Twice on Same Hole, Three Years Apart

The Verizon Heritage Tournament started today and Jerry Kelly got a hole in one on the same hole that he did three years ago. Talk about feeling confident on a particular hole and swinging with mojo. Good for Kelly. I always enjoy watching his easy going demeanor on the course. He looks like he's having fun on the course. Good luck, Jerry!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Congratulations, Phil!

I watched the final round of The Masters today and had conflicting emotions. I wanted Tiger to do well, if not win, but after watching his first few shots, I figured there would be no way. I also wanted K.J. Choi and Anthony Kim to do well. Finally, I wanted Phil to win over Lee Westwood. Westwood's complaining about Boo Weekly's encouraging the home team to cheer during the Ryder Cup seemed a bit of childish whining.

My conflict was I'm not a huge fan of Phil's because of his playing style. Even today I kept wondering if we'd have Winged Foot II with his punch shots out of the woods, and hitting driver when he didn't have to. Yet, he could pull those shots off today, like the one on 13 off pine needles and between the trees.

After Phil sunk his birdie putt for his third green jacket, I watched him hug his wife, Amy, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It was then I knew I was happy for him. With a tear or two running down his face, he hugged her tightly. That's when I was glad Tiger didn't win. Elin wasn't even at The Masters this year, and there certainly wouldn't have been such a touching scene.

Tiger says he felt "entitled" to cheat on his wife with up to 15 mistresses. When he first got engaged, I questioned why he was even getting married. He was so focused on breaking Nicklaus's record for Majors, was worth hundreds of millions, so why get tied down to one gal I wondered? He probably is wondering the same now, too.

I can maybe understand cheating on his wife with one or two mistresses, but 15 mistresses and who knows how many more that he paid hush money. I'm left wondering why he didn't just do the more honorable thing and get a divorce, instead of cheat on her so badly. At this point, it would have been a lot less drama for the world of golf, and for him emotionally and financially.

It's clear that Phil was the better man today... not only in terms of playing ability at The Masters, but also as a husband and father. Congratulations, Phil! Savor this victory with Amy and your family!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Masters, Tiger, and Ernie

The second round of the Masters was played today, and it's really my favorite tournament of all. The pristine beauty of Augusta National is beyond anywhere I've seen. I can only hope one day to step foot on that course, if not play a round there.

Tiger got a warm reception yesterday at the first hole. The patrons gave him a very welcome reception, which I can't say I expected. He's possibly the best golfer in our lifetime, yet his personal life has certainly been a disappointment. If he wins, I'll be impressed that he can win another Major after not playing for nearly 150 days.

Ernie Els had a problem on the 15th hole, which if it not for the patrons could have been an even bigger disaster. It was a Rules of Golf learning moment. On his approach shot on 15, he hit his ball into the water. He took a drop, and then made a second approach shot, which sailed over the green.

Ernie then pitched the ball over the green, and it rolled off the front side of the green out of Ernie's site. He heard the groans of the patrons, and in past years the ball would have run off into the lake. Ernie was about to drop another ball when patrons told him not to do it.

If he had dropped the second ball, it would have been in play. He would then suffer a two-stroke penalty, since his first ball was in play already. There is no provisional ball for a ball that is hit into a hazard.

Thanks to his new friends, Ernie shot a 7 on the par 5 instead of a 9 because of the fans.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He's Back!

Tiger has announced he'll return to golf by playing in the Masters. I'm surprised that he's not starting with the Tavistock Cup, which is played in his neighborhood and a controlled environment, or Arnold's tournament where he'd also be well protected.

He's starting with the place of his first Major win. Golf needs him back and I look forward to watching how his game after his long absence.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stevie Speaks

Just read excerpts of Steve Williams' interview New Zealand's version of 60 Minutes. He is adamant that he didn't know about Tiger's escapades off the course. I'd like to see the segment and watch his facial expressions and body language. He's gotten caught up in this mess as well because people have accused him of covering up for Tiger.

I look forward to the day that Tiger is back on the course and playing competitively again. And, more importantly, that this whole ugly episode in professional golf is over. Let's hope it's soon!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's Comments

Today Tiger finally spoke about what's gone on for him since his personal and professional brand collapsed on the morning after Thanksgiving. Since the announcement of his speaking, people have complained about his choosing today when the Match Play Championship is being played. They've criticized the lack of media questions and the controlled environment, etc..

There were no smiles and no jokes. I saw nervousness, humility, and sincerity. He's proud of his accomplishments with his Foundation, with equal adamance for his privacy.

The bottom line for me is this was a start to rebuilding himself as a man who has utmost respect for his wife, as a father his children won't be embarrassed to call "Father," and as a son that his mother can look at with pride. Whether he'll be the greatest golfer is the least that concerned him today. At least he has his priorities right for now.

His actions in the future will determine whether he was successful in rebuilding himself as a role model. Until then, the media or players tearing apart what he didn't say or should have done instead isn't helpful. It's a tragic situation, and none of us has been in the situation that Tiger has put himself in. It was a huge step today of many more for Tiger. I wish him and his family the best of luck in putting their lives together.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

PGA Needs More Steve Strickers

Congratulations to Steve Stricker! His win today and Phil's 45th place finish makes him the #2 golfer in the world rankings.

Many of you might have not watched the finish of the Northern Open Trust to turn to Super Bowl festivities, but Roger Maltbie talked about how PGA Tour Commissioner Finchem said the Tour needs 150 more Steve Strickers. Commissioner Finchem was talking about not only his on course demeanor (no swearing or club throwing), but also how he treats his sponsors.

Then, when interviewing Stricker, Maltbie asked Stricker how it feels to come from where he was four years ago nearly quitting the game to where he is today. Stricker responded humbly in tears that it's been a hard fight, including today's final round with Luke Donald cutting into his lead.

It's nice to see Stricker's gratitude, class, and humility. Enjoy your success, Steve!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Golf Is Fighting Back

The media has tainted golf with a bad image this last year. Corporate sponsors of tournaments or executives playing golf with clients to deepen their business relationships are targeted as extravagant, wasteful spenders. In reality these corporations and executives are using golf as a tool to maintain, and even strengthen, their client relationships during our troubled economic times. If clients continue to use golf for business, it would be foolish for businesses and executives to stop doing so.

One way that the PGA Tour has responded to the heightened criticism of corporate sponsorships is by creating the Tour Club. It is a yearly membership that gives an insiders' access to tournaments for its members. At the Northern Trust Open, for example, its members got to set pins with tournament officials and attend a breakfast meeting with Jerry West, the famed basketball player and the Tournament's Executive Director. At the Masters, members will have dinner with a Master's legend, and at the Players Championship, members will tour the Golf Channel broadcast location. It sounds like a great experience for executives and high-worth clients to enjoy together.

Another response to the negative media attention is a coalition of golf organizations called "We Are Golf." The group represents club pros, course superintendents, course owners and club managers, and aims to convince U.S. policy makers in Washington that golf is an important, job-creating industry that ought to be supported, not denounced. The coalition's central point is that golf is responsible for roughly two million jobs in the U.S. paying $61 billion in wages.

I'm responding to the attack on golf as well with a series of interviews (that I'll be launching soon) with golf and business celebrities about how they use golf for their personal, professional, and financial abundance. For the uninformed, golf may look like a silly game. But for those who use golf as a business tool, it's part of their repertoire to building their businesses and success.

I'm glad to see the industry is starting to bolster golf's image.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Controversy on PGA Tour -- Phil's Turn

You probably know that the PGA Tour required players this year to stop hitting U-groove wedges and go back to V-grooves. Some players, including Phil Mickelson, are hitting the Ping Eye 2 wedge that was controversial when it came out 30 years ago because it has U-grooves.

Phil and other players using it say the PGA Tour approved the use of that club as part of a legal settlement back in the 80s. Others, including Robert Allenby and Scott McCarron, claim using the Ping wedge is skirting the new rule against the use of the U-groove wedge and want the PGA Tour to prohibit its use. McCarron even used the C-word: cheating.

As an attorney, the players using the Ping wedge appear to be within the Rules because the wedge has been approved by the PGA Tour. When the Tour drafted the ruling against the use of the U-grooves, it carelessly forgot about the Ping wedge and will need to amend its Rule.

Is it cheating though? Cheating to me is the intentional or even unintentional violation of a Rule. Players using the Ping wedge haven't violated the Rule as its currently written, so I can't go so far as saying they're cheating.

Would I continue to use that club since this controversy started? No. I wouldn't want to win the tournament with a questionable advantage over the rest of the field. I'd also be concerned that every time I used the wedge I unconsciously would have doubt creep into my game and somehow have it affect my shot. It wouldn't be worth it to me and my piece of mind.

How about you? What would you do if you were Phil or another player playing the Ping wedge? Keep hitting it? Or, put it back where you left it 30 years ago?

Enjoy the rest of the Farmers Insurance Open at beautiful Torrey Pines.

Friday, January 29, 2010

John Daly Announces He's Done with Golf

After shooting 71 today at Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, Daly announced that he's quitting golf. Does anyone believe that? How many of us have said the same after a frustrating round? I can admit that I certainly have when nothing went right with my game. But, of course, I was out there again the next week.

I suspect it's marketing for his upcoming Golf Channel program, "Being John Daly." And, if it's not, his retirement will be short-lived. He's worked hard to get this far with his surgery, weight loss, better eating regimen, etc..

Sponsors love him because he's still a draw and, without Tiger, golf needs every possible draw. Look forward to seeing you playing again soon, John!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Switching Between Champions Tour and the Playoff Games

During the Saints - Vikings game, I switched over to the Golf Channel to see what was happening in golf. The Champions Tour was on, which I normally don't watch. But I started to watch it more than the football game. Freddie Couples was making his debut on the Champions Tour. He and Tom Watson were matching birdies in the last few holes. And on the 18th hole, Watson hit a beautiful shot from the rough to 4 feet from the pin, while Freddie left a 12 footer. When Freddie missed his putt, Watson was able to sink his for the victory. It was pretty darn exciting for the Champions Tour.

By the way, the old adage was at play: Drive for show, putt for dough. Freddie drove the ball 60 yards farther than Watson, but Watson's approach shots came through for him as did his putter.

With the PGA sans Tiger, I'll have to pay more attention to the Champions Tour.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Innovative Marketing by a Local Golf Course

If you live in Northern California, you know we've been hit by four storms and have had plenty of rain. Golf is not a possibility right now.

I received an e-mail from a course that I like to play, the Links at Bodega Harbour, which is located in Bodega Bay. Did you ever see Hitchcock's The Birds? That movie was filmed in this scenic coastal town.

The e-mail was an offer to buy a tee time for a foursome at $1 per hole for weekdays or $2 per hole for weekends. So for a weekday round, it'll cost $18 for the green fee and $15 for the cart. It's a better rate than their usual weekday round, and you have until April 18th to use the round.

I liked their ingenuity in promoting their course during the storms, and that they're making revenue when no one is even on the course.

If you're in the Bay Area, check out the link above and enjoy Bodega Bay and the Links!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year! Hope it's a golf-filled year for you. I can't believe it's been so long since I've written in here. Since last writing, Michelle Wie has won her first LPGA tournament, and we have no idea when Tiger will win his next PGA tournament. Some ups and downs in the world of professional golf, but it shouldn't affect how we continue to play the game and use it to deepen our business relationships.

I've been focused on a new project that I'm very excited about launching in the near future. It's allowed me to interview some business and golf celebrities, and I can't wait to pass on what I've learned from them to you. Each person I've spoken to has taught me something about business golf.

Stay tuned, and happy golfing, if weather permits. In the SF Bay Area, I'm still able to go out and chase that white ball!