Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Want to Lower Your Score Quickly?

"Drive for show and putt for dough" is a common phrase of golfers. Unfortunately, I'm living proof of it at this time. I am driving the ball longer than I have in years, but my game from 100 yards and in has failed me recently.

I'm planning a practice session in the next few days to work on my short game, especially my pitching and my putting.

With putting nearly fifty percent of one's score, it's the place we all can improve on. So, next time you go practice, work on your short game, and you'll lower your scores!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Need New Clubs, But Want to Try Before You Buy?

Could you benefit from the new technology in golf equipment and make playing golf more enjoyable? I recently purchased a utility club, which is designed to help you hit out of the rough. I also use it instead of my 4-iron. It's made hitting that distance fun again and, more importantly, I can do so with confidence.

Golf for Women magazine has created a Try and Buy Campaign, so you can find a participating retailer and test clubs before you buy them. It's a great program to take out the uncertainty of buying new clubs. You'll be able to hit clubs at a range before you buy them.

Click onto Try and Buy Campaign, and find new clubs to improve your game and, of course, to have more fun!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Playing with Honor Pays Off

On Friday at the Honda Classic, Mark Wilson paid for his caddy's mistake. His caddy yelled out to his playing partner's caddy what club Wilson had just hit on the 5th hole. Technically, that was giving advice to the opponent, and a violation of the Rules. Wilson, who has had to go to PGA's Q-School each year for the last ten years, called a two-stroke penalty on himself.

That was on Friday before he or his caddy would know those two strokes were the difference between his first PGA victory at the end of the day on Sunday and a playoff with three other players. Fortunately, this story has a great ending and Wilson kept his putter warm over night and continued his clutch putting ways.

It's nice to see a good guy win! I wish more amateur players knew how to play like Wilson does, and I'm not talking about his swing or putting, but the way he plays the game...with honor and integrity.