Sunday, June 24, 2012

Be Honest

Most golfers know the Rules state you can only carry 14 clubs in your bag. Have 15 clubs and you're penalized two strokes for every hole you had 15, maximum four-stroke penalty.

A European player had 15 clubs in his bag. He didn't know, but his caddy did. When the caddy discovered the extra club, he took the bag into the bushes and tried to hide it. I didn't make this up.

The other two players noticed the caddy disappeared in the bushes with the bag and asked what was up? Then the caddy admitted it. When tour officials discovered how egregious the caddy's behavior was, they DQ-ed the player. OUCH! Not going to be finding any looping job soon, I'd say.

Worst case of caddy behavior I've heard. If you've discovered you've broken a rule, be honest and don't make a bad situation worse.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Golfers, Trust Your Instincts

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch who is a new golfer. She's a member of a nine-hole course, which is part of an exclusive community in Nevada.

We sat down and she immediately asked if everyone plays with the same length golf club. I said no, it depends on your height, length of arms, etc. She said she asked the head pro of her club if her driver is too long for her. He told her everyone swings the same length club. I said that's impossible and wrong.

My friend is probably only 5'1" or so. I said take your clubs to a local golf shop and get fitted with your clubs. Her driver was 3" too tall. I warned her that cutting the shaft will make the shaft stiffer, but let's get you hitting the ball on the sweetspot instead of the heel of the club and topping it most of the time. She can get custom clubs when she plays more.

So I have to wonder what the head pro was thinking when he gave her that information. Does he not care because she's a woman? Does he not know? If so, then he should have told her that he didn't know and referred her to someone else.

Frankly his inability or unwillingness to help her could have resulted in her leaving the game. She said she couldn't feel comfortable hitting the ball with her driver. It certainly wasn't her fault! She stood more than a foot away from the end of the club to even try to hit the ball.

So if you're a new golfer, trust your instincts about your golf game! If you get information from a so-called expert, then check and verify it. Every golfer should be trying to properly inform new golfers about the game and be encouraging of them to play.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Tiger Prediction... I Was Half Right

After Tiger's victory at The Memorial, I predicted that he was back and he'd contend at the US Open.

He contended the first two days, but then sputtered along over the weekend. Watching Tiger now reminds me of watching Phil several years ago. I was a fan of Phil's, but then he'd make one of his risky decisions and lose the tournament. It was hard to root for him. I'm thinking of Winged Foot and going for the green on 18 at Pebble Beach.

Rooting for Tiger has become the same way. You see how he plays on Thursday and Friday and you think he's going to do it over the weekend. But it isn't so. Since he got his new swing and recovering from his injuries, this has now become common place. Maybe his nerves get to him now, or that new swing doesn't work when he's under pressure. I don't know what it is, but it's certainly not the Tiger of old who took the lead in a major and never looked back.

Nonetheless, it was great to see Webb Simpson win, albeit a bit anti-climatic. Would have loved to see a  playoff with him and McDowell, but all in all a great Open. I played Olympic a few years ago and it killed me then. With the new greens and that tall, thick rough, I can only imagine how painful it was to play.

And, if you're a financial advisor, you had to be cheering on Michael Allen. A retired stock broker, who has been a member of Olympic Club for decades. He shot an eagle on the first day. If you're an advisor and not using golf, you're missing out on the business action on the course.

It's the first day of summer and hope you have your next round in your calendar!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sergio, Grow Up!

I'm watching the US Open, of course. Second to the Masters, it's a favorite major because it's our nation's tournament and amateurs are playing.

On a par 3 hole today, Sergio teed off and then we heard a smack on the television. It was Sergio destroying the ESPN microphone at the tee box with his club. Of course, he can afford to pay for a replacement and maybe a fine imposed by the USGA, or maybe even the PGA.

Sergio, you play a game and have made MILLIONS from doing so. The majority of your fans don't earn in a year what you make in a top-10 finish at a golf tournament. Grow up! You apparently don't believe you can win a major like you declared at the Masters. Save the fans of the game from your antics. Between spitting in a hole at Augusta, your recent club toss and today's antics, your temper tantrums on the course are getting old. Go see a sports psychologist and gain some maturity. Otherwise, quit playing if you're so miserable on the course.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Organic Cotton Rocks

I received a Criquet 100% organic cotton women's golf shirt to review. I chose the Ruby Red Lady's Player Shirt and I liked it! It has some fine detail stitching and it was comfortable to wear. Wore it twice. Once under a jacket and the other time without one. Both times it was easy to make a turn and didn't bunch up at the sleeves. It tapers from the shoulders to the waist, so more flattering than a baggy polo shirt.

Because it's made out of organic cotton, I didn't know if it would be more wrinkled after washing or more difficult to iron. There were no additional
wrinkles and the wrinkles ironed out easily. It might have shrunk slightly since it became more snug in the shoulders. I also like the feel of the fabric; smooth to the hand, not scratchy.

Overall, if you want an organic cotton shirt, check out Criquet!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mickelson Texts Commish During Memorial

Phil Mickelson dropped out of the Memorial after the 1st round claiming mental fatigue.

Now we hear that his group was disturbed by the camera clicks of cell phones. He and his playing partners had to back off several times during the round. Phil text-ed Commissioner Finchem complaining about the gallery and lack of cell phone control by the PGA Tour and tournament officials.

For tournament-host Nicklaus, a helicopter distracted him during the 1960 U.S. Open, which caused him to three putt. Unfortunately for players today it's a combo of relatively inexpensive technology and lack of consideration. The former will be with us forever and unfortunately most likely the latter.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

He's Baaaaccckkk!

Tiger won Jack Nicklaus' Memorial today.

He could play poorly after this win, like he did after winning Arnie's tournament in March. I suspect though that he'll contend at the US Open. This win was different. It reminded me of Tiger pre-scandal and the emasculation that followed.

His chip in at 16 was vintage Tiger. And the gallery responded by releasing roars that have been pent up for 2 1/2 years. Rory didn't have a chance after that.

And when he sunk the birdie putt on 18, it was Tiger announcing he was back. Good for him and good for golf. We all have felt the lull in the game since he's been absent from contention. Frankly it was painful to watch him play.

Here's to having an exciting US Open!