Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jerry Rice's Woes on the Course

Living in the Bay Area, I was a fan of Jerry Rice's when he played for both the 49ers and the Raiders. He was amazing to watch as he caught balls and then ran for more yards after the catch than any other receiver. Some say he's the best football player ever and who can argue with that? In August, he's going to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his first year of eligibility.

Jerry has gone pro as a golfer. He played locally in the Fresh Express Classic, a Nationwide Tournament, and finished second to last. This weekend he's playing in South Carolina, and shot a 92 in the opening round of the BMW Charity Pro-Am.

He's gotten some criticism about taking a burgeoning, hard-working pro's spot in tournaments. When I spoke to him for my latest product, he was aware that people might feel that way, and was sincere in his desire to make the cut. A friend played with him at the Fresh Express Pro-Am, and said he can work the ball, hits shots pretty pure, but his putter isn't quite at the pro level.

After talking with him, I have no doubt that he'll make the cut of a pro tournament eventually. He's on a steep learning curve; yet with his dedication, work ethic, determination, and pure love of the game, I know he can do it.

If you're wondering how it was to talk with him, there was not an ounce of ego or arrogance. We met a few weeks after we talked, and he gave me a kiss and a hug at the Pairings Party. He's a gentleman and a self-avowed addict of the game! Keep positive, Jerry!

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