Sunday, February 07, 2010

PGA Needs More Steve Strickers

Congratulations to Steve Stricker! His win today and Phil's 45th place finish makes him the #2 golfer in the world rankings.

Many of you might have not watched the finish of the Northern Open Trust to turn to Super Bowl festivities, but Roger Maltbie talked about how PGA Tour Commissioner Finchem said the Tour needs 150 more Steve Strickers. Commissioner Finchem was talking about not only his on course demeanor (no swearing or club throwing), but also how he treats his sponsors.

Then, when interviewing Stricker, Maltbie asked Stricker how it feels to come from where he was four years ago nearly quitting the game to where he is today. Stricker responded humbly in tears that it's been a hard fight, including today's final round with Luke Donald cutting into his lead.

It's nice to see Stricker's gratitude, class, and humility. Enjoy your success, Steve!


Bob Firestone - said...

Steve Stricker is a great golfer and has earned all his success with hard work.
But he is the poster boy of why the PGA tours borders on unwatchable and the ratings have been in steady decline for years. He is boring to watch.
Why do people love to watch Tiger? He hits shots that aren't possible.
Why do people love to watch Phil? He hits amazing shots or makes a catastrophic mess of things trying to hit amazing shots. Same with Sergio.
Fairways and greens is a great way to keep a tour card but it is boring TV.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your comment. I was referring to his demeanor and his working with his sponsors. He's a hard worker and has had great success. As to t.v. excitement, I agree he doesn't make for great watching.

I wonder though if, as viewers, we've been spoiled by Tiger with the long ball and thrashes out of thick rough.