Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome back, Tiger!

With all the bad economic news, having Tiger back on Tour is great news for golf fans. He's brought back a spark of excitement that's been missing from the Tour. As can be expected, he had a few sloppy shots yesterday. And, he'll have a bigger test against Tim Clark today.

Golf has been getting a bad rap recently. We're hearing complaints about Northern Trust Company sponsoring the last PGA tournament since it received TARP money. Given that the sponsorship and t.v. commercial agreements were in place probably years before they got the TARP funds, Northern Trust would have been hit with lawsuits and penalties if they did try to pull out.

And, if Northern Trust has held parties for high-end clients in the past at the tournament and suddenly didn't this year, what would happen to their clients' confidence in Northern Trust? Companies have to continue marketing to their clients (and rewarding their top employees), especially in challenging times. Yes, it would be wise if not done so lavishly, but really who in government can complain about the waste of taxpayer dollars?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Congratulations, Michelle!

Michelle Wie finished second yesterday at the SBS Open in Hawaii. Although she had a three-stroke lead at one point, she lost by three strokes. This is her first tournament since becoming a card-carrying member of the LPGA. She looked disappointed and unfortunately didn't finish well on the back-nine.

I share in her disappointment, but am happy to see that she and her caddy are working together on reads and club selection. There was a time that her father didn't allow her veteran caddy, Gregg Johnston, to help read her putts. That of course made me wonder why hire a veteran then?

It's also nice to see Michelle has also matured in how she speaks and carries herself on the course. She still has her father hovering around her on the golf course though. Wouldn't it be nice for her to be able to play and not have her family be so close? Her parents moved into a home in Palo Alto, while she lives on-campus at Stanford thankfully. It would be interesting to have a camera on her father and see what looks he gives to Michelle while she's playing. I don't sense their relationship is like Tiger's and his late father, where Tiger drew support and positive feelings from his father.

No doubt Michelle will have her first win on the LPGA Tour. I will be thrilled for her to overcome all of the bad decisions over the last few years and be victorious!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Golf Equipment for the Troops

Do you have golf equipment strewn in your garage? Is your spouse tired of tripping over your driver that just won't draw?

Get rid of those disobeying clubs, make points with your spouse, and, most importantly, do something good for wounded soldiers. They risk their lives, so we have the freedom to play golf.

Scott B. Colton, a former Army medic and Navy Corpsman, is the founder of "Sgt Golf", a golf rehabilitation program that helps injured veterans get the best treatment possible using golf as a main part of their therapy. They need clubs, balls, bags and general golf equipment. The equipment does not have to be new, just in good, usable condition. In particular, they are looking for drivers, hybrids, and, putters.

They were robbed on December 5, 2008, so they are really in need. Send your equipment to:

Scott B. Colton
Sgt Golf
330 38th Ave NE
Saint Petersburg FL, 33704

Send what you have and feel good about your game again.