Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Billion Dollar Man

According to Forbes, Tiger has earned a billion dollars since turning pro. This number includes tournament prize money, appearance fees, endorsements, golf course design, and bonuses. Not sure what bonuses he gets as a golfer, unlike football where players make millions just for signing a contract, but his IMG agent Mark Steinberg must do a great job for him.

He is the first athlete to surpass the benchmark of a billion dollars. His pal, Michael Jordan, may also earn a billion, but it is estimated that it will take him four or five years.

Congratulations, Tiger!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dual Winners at The TOUR Championship

I didn't watch the final round of the TOUR Championship today, but saw the final 4 holes on tape and the interviews following. Congrats to Tiger for winning the FedEx Cup and to Phil for getting his putting in gear and winning the Championship.

Unfortunately during Phil's interview he tried to make a joke about his not understanding why he shot 65 and got a check for $1.3 million only, while Tiger shot 70 and got a check for $10 million. I was happy for Phil given his trying year, but with that comment it showed his lack graciousness.

Meanwhile, I tried to play today, but after waiting on every shot and having three groups on one hole on several holes, my group decided we had had enough at the seventh tee. The foursome ahead of the field was playing in the final round of a match play event. They were at least 20 minutes behind and held up the entire field.

Worse is that one member of the foursome is a Board Member (he had previously complained that I disturbed him with the sound of my driver when he was hitting his second shot), it was pretty outrageous to play so slowly. Karma must have come into play as that Board Member and his partner lost today. If a Board Member can't figure out how to keep up the pace, then he should at least let groups through.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Friend to Have

Tiger Woods gave Sean O'Hair a putting tip before the start of the TOUR Championship. Who's on top of the leader board so far? Sean O'Hair.

Why would Tiger give one of only 28 competitors a tip to improve his game and scoring?

"It's very simple," Woods said. "You always help your friends. Sean is a friend of mine, and like all my friends, you always try to make their life better somehow. Sean has been struggling a bit on the greens this year, and I thought I could offer a little bit of help and insight to how he could change that."

As O'Hair said it was a classy thing to do. There is no doubt, Tiger is a class act.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Went Into Withdrawals

There wasn't a PGA Tour event this last weekend, and I sure felt it. Yes, I know the 30 top point leaders are getting ready to play in the TOUR Championship this weekend as the FedEx Cup nears end. But, since when did the PGA Tour have a bye week for the entire Tour?

I even recall other tournaments being held for those who didn't make it into another tournament. During the Open, there is a PGA Tour event for those who didn't qualify. Or, even during one of the WGC Championships, there is a PGA Tour event for those who weren't invited.

I was in S. Lake Tahoe until Sunday, and the house there doesn't have a t.v., so I wouldn't have been able to watch a tournament even if it were on. I didn't play because I had some work to do, but it hasn't stopped me in the past from going to Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. While there, I get to be lake-side, grab a drink with lunch, and watch a couple hours of a tournament. Or, going to and following the leaders and news online several times during the weekend.

But, this weekend, there was nothing to follow! Well, I guess I'll have to get used to it as we approach the end of the season. After I got home, though, I watched the final hole of the LPGA's Samsung Championship. I did enjoy the intrigue as the leader hit into the water unfortunately, and the runner-up later made birdie on the final hole to win.

Yes, a definite realization of how much I'm addicted to either playing or following Tiger, Phil, Jim, Steve and the rest of the guys on the PGA Tour. Although not a fan of addictions in general, this is one that I like and will keep:)!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Women Shoots Two Holes in One on Same Day!

A 64-year young woman in England shot her first hole in one and, then ten holes later, shot her second hole in one. She had witnesses in her group and the men in the foursome ahead gave her a thumbs up to say it went in on the first one. Then, after not being able to find the ball on the second hole, she discovered it was in the hole.

That's incredible to shoot two aces in one day! I've had three holes in one over my 20 years of playing and feel very lucky to have done so. But, to get two on the same day after only playing for 10 years is amazing! She definitely needs to go and buy a lottery ticket!

Congratulations! I'm sure there were plenty of drinks poured in that clubhouse!

Fines in Tennis...Golf Next?

You've probably heard about Serena being fined a total of $10,500. for her behavior during her finals match at the US Open. Then, Roger Federer got fined $1,500 for his use of an expletive when talking to the umpire. I understand emotions run high in competitions and built-up frustration can cause someone to blow up. There are limits, however.

I agree with the fine against Serena because she did much more than just use an expletive. Besides her use of many expletives, she was threatening of the line umpire as she waved her racket in a taunting manner. Moreover, she didn't just explode once, she went back at her two additional times.

And, to get into a possibly sensitive area, I don't think the line umpire made the foot fault call because of her racism. Arguably the opposite could also be true that Serena was being racist as she went after the petite Asian umpire. If the line umpire was black would she have behaved the same way?

Calls of racism whether in sports or politics should be omitted. There is no way of knowing, without their admission, what their reasons are for speaking and acting out in whatever way. It only adds possibly unwarranted and unfounded speculation to an already bad situation.

As to Federer's fine, I understand why he was fined, i.e. you can't allow players to use an expletive when speaking to an umpire. But, I don't find his comments as extreme as Serena's. I suspect that word is part of his everyday vernacular. In this case, though, Federer shouldn't have said it to the umpire.

So, will we see fines in golf next? I doubt it. Tiger's use of expletives and slamming of clubs seem to be less recently. Understandably, it's objectionable because kids watch him and want to emulate him. But, his tirades are directed at himself. He's not gone after another player, Stevie, or a Rules official with his club waving at them, or even in any conversations that we've heard.

How does this relate to business golf with your clients? It should be pretty obvious that you can't pull a Serena and go after another player. That kind of out of control behavior will likely cost you clients and your reputation in the community. If you let loose an expletive or two, I'd apologize, so your business guests know it's not part of your usual way of speaking.

Most clients can understand a slip of the tongue. It's important though that they also know you realize it was inappropriate and have a standard of decorum.

Hope you get to out and play this weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Golf in Perspective

Pro golfer Brandt Snedeker needed to two putt his final hole in last week's tournament, so he could play in The Tour Championship in two weeks. The Tour Championship is the final playoff to determine the winner of the FedEx Cup who will take home 10 million dollars.

Unfortunately Snedeker didn't just three-putt that hole, he four putted (watch the 1.33 minute video) it. It cost him tens of thousands of dollars.

In my presentations, I talk about the seven personal and business benefits of playing golf. The first one about playing golf is it's Fabulous Fun. I remind my audience that for us golf should be just fun (even, and especially, when we're playing with clients and prospects). We don't have to worry about how much a putt costs us if we miss it. Or, whether will we make the cut to play in the next round of a tournament.

If you're struggling with your game, remind yourself about the big picture as to why you're playing the game. Over the last two Sundays, I've attended two funerals of family members. One family member was only 62 years young. Life is short, so whether you play for the camaraderie, the competition, or exercise, keep playing and remember to have fun!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Las Vegas: PGA Show, Hoover Dam, and

I'm in Vegas and started with attending the PGA Show yesterday. It was pretty quiet, but it's not the big show, which is in January in Orlando, FL. Probably 4x as large. It was smaller, and I got a chance to speak to more of the manufacturers and vendors. Interested in a board game with golf as its topic and a never-dry out golf towel. Also visited the Callaway Golf Center. Learned more about golf fitting and excited to see the upcoming renovations of the Center...remodeling the Pro Shop and upgrading the driving range.

Today, I went to Hoover Dam and am amazed at the engineering feat. The brilliance of those people working on the world's largest dam!!!

Stopped at Boulder Creek Golf Course and didn't see many players. It was at least 100 degrees today, and I couldn't play in this heat. But, they're going into their high season as temps go down and Vegas courses close for seeding.

Then, went to and saw its headquarters. Met with its Golf Executive Officer and am excited to see how they make a presence in the golf market. Also, toured the offices and those folks are happy employees. No wonder the company does well.

So, a fun day of Wows. Inspiring to see such success!