Sunday, August 30, 2009

Golf is Still Business Meeting of Choice

According to, add golf to your resume:

"If you are looking for a financial, investment, real estate, marketing, or other business related job, golf is for sure the sport for you. It has become the business meeting sport of choice. Whether you are playing a round with your boss or a potential client, they will be impressed with your skills. If you are at least knowledgeable and some what able to hold your own on the green, let your hirer know. It is always good for the boss to have a go to guy to send to the green."

Liberty National in New Jersey has spectacular views of New York. President of Barclays, Robert Diamond, said Liberty National was selected because of its proximity to New York and businesses. Barclays bought most of the assets of Lehman Brothers, and they certainly see its golf sponsorship as a wise marketing investment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Reason to Play Golf

According to Australian scientists, the smell of freshly mowed grass is relaxing and good for people. They're even making a cologne mimicking that scent. Check out the article.

Speaking of grass, according to Paul Azinger, Captain of last year's victorious American Ryder Cup team, he doesn't understand why more professional players don't still wear metal spikes. Tiger and Phil still do, which should tell us something, but we can't since most courses that we play require that we wear soft spikes.

Finally, fall is soon on its way, which means a change in our weather. Play more and play often, even if it means only getting out for nine holes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiger-Stevie Twosome

In Tiger's last major, the Open, Tiger missed the cut and Stevie, his caddy, takes the blame. Stevie lost sleep for 2-3 days after the Open because he felt he didn't do his job as Tiger's caddy. Some may dislike Stevie after his comments about Phil, but I've never heard a caddy blame himself for his player's problems on the course. I've also never heard Tiger blame Stevie.

For some insights into Stevie and how he helped Tiger turn that first dismal first round into a victory at the Buick, check out this article by Robert Lusetich.

P.S. Got to love Stevie's wife, who also has a part in Tiger's success.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Padraig Takes the Blame

Tiger beat Padraig Harrington by three strokes, but did the clock beat Padraig? On the 16th hole, the rules official told Tiger and Padraig to speed up because they were 17 minutes behind.

Players are given 40 seconds to hit their shots after they reach their balls. Tiger believes Padraig had to rush his shots on that hole which was the demise of Padraig. First Padraig hit his tee shot into the trees, then a shot into the slope of a bunker, and then he had a delicate shot to a green running away from him, which rolled into the water. Padraig had an eight on that par-5, which Tiger birdied and took the lead by three shots.

When they shook hands, Tiger seemed to be apologizing to Padraig that the official "got in the way of a great battle." Interestingly Padraig doesn't blame the official for putting them on the clock, "If you’re put on the clock, you always want to be nicely in position so you’re not having to think too much. I got out of position with my tee shot, my second shot and my third short. I got out of position and just got myself out of the zone.”

Padraig showed he takes responsibility for his bad shots on 16, which I admire. He could have gone along with Tiger blaming the rules official for his loss. Would Tiger have blamed the official if things were reversed? I'm not sure. Or, did Tiger not like winning against Padraig because Padraig was rushed and hit into the water? Part of me thinks Tiger is a purist and when he wins he wants to know that he beat his opponent and not because some outside influence affected the outcome.

Can't wait to watch this week's final Major, the PGA Championship!

UPDATE: The PGA Tour has fined Tiger for criticizing the official. Not sure if I like this call. Frankly, I would have fined him for his language and behavior on the course instead, which by the way, seems much better in the last two tournaments. I'm sure if his cap could talk, it would say plenty.

UPDATE II: Ty Votaw of the PGA has confirmed that Tiger did not get fined for his critical comments of the official.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Persistence Pays Off for Tiger & Wie Selection for the Solheim Cup

After Thursday, I saw Tiger was tied for 95th in jeopardy of not making the cut for two consecutive tournaments. I thought it wasn't a good way to go into his final major, the PGA Championship.

Then, on Friday, he had a spectacular round and climbed his way to the first page of the leaderboard, and, of course, we know how this story ends. He wins today by three strokes.

His persistence and never believing he's out of a tournament are what makes Tiger a winner. Sure it's his great shot making and putting (except for Thursday), but there is just something else that makes him a winner from that far back.

Intimidation is still a factor. I'm in Tahoe where we don't have t.v. in the house, so I followed the tournament online and saw those ahead of him falling back as he rose up the leaderboard.

Given his past endorsement of Buick, I'm sure it's a nostalgic victory for him to win another Buick Open, especially since GM will not be sponsoring this tournament (or any other, I'm sure) any longer.

As to the Solheim Cup, Captain Beth Daniel selected Michelle Wie and Juli Inkster as wildcards for the team. A nice selection of veteran toughness and grooming a rookie for regular play on the team. Good luck, US Team!