Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's Comments

Today Tiger finally spoke about what's gone on for him since his personal and professional brand collapsed on the morning after Thanksgiving. Since the announcement of his speaking, people have complained about his choosing today when the Match Play Championship is being played. They've criticized the lack of media questions and the controlled environment, etc..

There were no smiles and no jokes. I saw nervousness, humility, and sincerity. He's proud of his accomplishments with his Foundation, with equal adamance for his privacy.

The bottom line for me is this was a start to rebuilding himself as a man who has utmost respect for his wife, as a father his children won't be embarrassed to call "Father," and as a son that his mother can look at with pride. Whether he'll be the greatest golfer is the least that concerned him today. At least he has his priorities right for now.

His actions in the future will determine whether he was successful in rebuilding himself as a role model. Until then, the media or players tearing apart what he didn't say or should have done instead isn't helpful. It's a tragic situation, and none of us has been in the situation that Tiger has put himself in. It was a huge step today of many more for Tiger. I wish him and his family the best of luck in putting their lives together.


golf tour said...

I really feel bad for him:( and Thanks God he finally spoke out

Japan-Australia said...

Don`t know if I feel bad for him. Really bad timing to finally say something during the Matchplay. He should have come out from the start and explained his actions. I have lost a lot of respect for him and I`m sure a lot of his fan have as well.