Thursday, September 28, 2006

How Is Your Gamesmanship?

Unfortunately the European team beat the US team definitively in the Ryder Cup. But, in a great showing of gamesmanship, Paul McGinley gave a long putt to J.J. Henry to tie their last hole and halve their match. If McGinley had not conceded the putt, the European team would have set their record in beating the U.S.

What's not good gamesmanship? Of course, cheating is an obvious. But it's also the subtle comments made about the water or O.B. before the player is about to hit, or taking a jab at your opponent's political or religious beliefs before you tee off.

If you have to resort to those tactics to "win" in your match, then remember Paul McGinley and how you want to be thought of as a golfer.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Time for Wie to Give It Up

Michelle Wie won't make the cut against the men at the 84 Lumber Classic Tournament. It's time to question whether she needs to give up on trying to be the first woman in 61 years to make the cut in a men's tournament.

I'm not saying she should quit on achieving her goal, but she needs to get her game in better shape before she has a realsitic chance to make the cut. David Leadbetter, her coach, has said he's concerned that her long irons into the green are too low and she can't get the ball to stay on the green. He stated simliar concerns at the Omega tournament as well.

She played the Omega tournament because Omega is one of her sponsors. She is friends with the family-founders of 84 Lumber. Other tournament sponsors like her to play because gate numbers go up.

But at what point does she (or her family) say it's unrealistic for her to continue to try to make the cut? She needs to play on the LPGA tour, win against the other gals, build some confidence, learn some shots, improve her putting, and then go for her other goal of making the cut against the men.

At this point, she's not close, and I don't see how continued attempts will improve her chances. If anything, it's getting embarrassing.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Listening to the PGA Tour on XM

I'm in S. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where my family has a vacation home. The home has neither television nor telephone. And, my cell phone doesn't work from the home. So, it's a place that I come to when I need an escape and want to take in the view of the beautiful lake.

Unfortunately I can't watch the PGA or LPGA tours when I'm in the house. During the PGA Championship, I had to go to Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course to recall my steps at Medinah.

However I can at least listen to live coverage on a link from to XM Satellite radio. Coverage is pretty good and a lot better than nothing. So if you're cut off from t.v., but have Internet access, check it out!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to Avoid Playing with Cheaters?

In a previous BizGolf E-Tip, I shared with you my experience playing with a woman who played to a higher handicap during match play.

Five weeks after the match, I finally received a ruling from the Golf Committee against my claim because I didn't notify the player that I was making a claim when I learned that she was cheating. I made the claim to the Head Pro instead.

Moral of the story: Don't play with cheaters, who by the way is angry that I made a claim, and check on the posting computer your opponent's handicap before starting your match.