Sunday, April 11, 2010

Congratulations, Phil!

I watched the final round of The Masters today and had conflicting emotions. I wanted Tiger to do well, if not win, but after watching his first few shots, I figured there would be no way. I also wanted K.J. Choi and Anthony Kim to do well. Finally, I wanted Phil to win over Lee Westwood. Westwood's complaining about Boo Weekly's encouraging the home team to cheer during the Ryder Cup seemed a bit of childish whining.

My conflict was I'm not a huge fan of Phil's because of his playing style. Even today I kept wondering if we'd have Winged Foot II with his punch shots out of the woods, and hitting driver when he didn't have to. Yet, he could pull those shots off today, like the one on 13 off pine needles and between the trees.

After Phil sunk his birdie putt for his third green jacket, I watched him hug his wife, Amy, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It was then I knew I was happy for him. With a tear or two running down his face, he hugged her tightly. That's when I was glad Tiger didn't win. Elin wasn't even at The Masters this year, and there certainly wouldn't have been such a touching scene.

Tiger says he felt "entitled" to cheat on his wife with up to 15 mistresses. When he first got engaged, I questioned why he was even getting married. He was so focused on breaking Nicklaus's record for Majors, was worth hundreds of millions, so why get tied down to one gal I wondered? He probably is wondering the same now, too.

I can maybe understand cheating on his wife with one or two mistresses, but 15 mistresses and who knows how many more that he paid hush money. I'm left wondering why he didn't just do the more honorable thing and get a divorce, instead of cheat on her so badly. At this point, it would have been a lot less drama for the world of golf, and for him emotionally and financially.

It's clear that Phil was the better man today... not only in terms of playing ability at The Masters, but also as a husband and father. Congratulations, Phil! Savor this victory with Amy and your family!

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