Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Are You in Control on the Course?

Did you see the tennis player who hit himself several times on the head with his racquet and caused his forehead to bleed? Or maybe you saw Woody Austin several years ago hit himself with his putter grip so many times that it caused the shaft to bend?

I can understand being competitive and wanting to do your best. But if a person loses so much control to cause himself or herself pain or an injury, then there is definitely an anger problem. I doubt if one can play better either with the resulting headache.

As amateurs and business golfers, we need to keep our composure on the course and never let our anger about our poor play be on display. Throwing a club or a stream of profanity is out of line, especially when playing with a client.

On a lighter note, The Masters, the first PGA major, starts this Thursday. It's my favorite tournament and even though I'll be in Bethlehem, PA, I'll make sure to watch most of it. Check out the t.v. and online schedules on pgatour.com. Will Tiger win the first Major on the start of the Grand Slam, or will Phil pull it out off? Make sure to follow the action!