Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Demise of Golf in San Francisco?

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are considering the closure of the five public golf courses in the City. After Sandy Tatum's successful efforts to revive Harding Park, host of the WGC-American Express Championship, it soon may be closed. A part of Lincoln Park Golf Course may be turned into a soccer field. Why the talk of converting the courses?

The City manage and run the courses and they are losing money. It's not too surprising considering it's run by the government. So, the Board may create a task force to decide the future of golf in S.F. Having a golf course management company run the course is a possibility, but the fears of increased resident and senior green fees is a concern.

It would be a shame to lose golf in San Francisco, but it wouldn't surprise me if it occurred.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Special Major for Tiger

The golf analysts will breakdown Tiger's victory at the PGA Championship. What struck me though is how much of a man he is now. The British Open last year marked his first Major victory without his Dad. This Major victory is his first as a father.

As he walked up the 18th hole with Stevie by his side and victory his to lose, he flashed a huge grin and pointed into the gallery. It's not clear whether he saw Elin and Sam near the trailer, but it was a surprise to him that they were there.

What if Tiger hadn't won, I'm sure he would have loved having them there to console him. He appears to have a healthy perspective about the game and his family. The latter coming first.

It'll be a great reminder when I'm struggling and hacking up the course that golf is just a game for me. I don't have millions and titles riding on every shot, and instead should focus on enjoying the company of those I'm playing with. While Tiger was winning his 13th Major, I got to play with a dear friend, my niece and my nephew, who I love as much as they were my own. How cool is that!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sergio DQ-ed for Signing an Incorrect Card

It's Saturday morning, the third round of the last major of the year, PGA Championship. Sergio Garcia just got disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. He had a 5 on a hole, but the scorecard had a 4 for him. Thus, he's been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. Ouch! Not that Sergio was in contention, but that is not the way you want to finish in a tournament.

Whether a pro or an amateur, you really need to be careful and know the basic rules of golf, especially if you play in tournaments. I just finished my club championship and I had my marker read off hole by hole my score to make sure I signed a correct scorecard. I finished first low net by the way and am thrilled!

Let's watch if Tiger follows up his 63 yesterday with another beautiful round! Good luck, Tiger!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sabbatini v. Tiger -- Round 1

Sabbatini in the spring said Tiger was more beatable than ever. Today at the Bridgestone Invitational played at Firestone Country Club in Ohio, Tiger made it clear whether he still was beatable. Tiger shot 9 strokes better than Sabbatini in the last pairing.

Tiger - 1
Sabbatini - 0

When a fan reminded Sabbatini of his comment, Sabbatini using an obscenity demanded that a police officer throw the fan out of the gallery. It's no wonder I've never liked him. Perhaps he'll learn his lesson that it's not wise to put out a challenge to the best player in the world!

Meanwhile, Lorena Ochoa won her first major of the LPGA at the Women's Open at St. Andrews. Good for her to get her first major victory out of the way!