Sunday, February 26, 2006

Women's World Rankings and Wie

The LPGA and the other four women's professional golf associations throughout the world released a world ranking system of the ladies. To no one's surprise, Annika is #1, then Paula Creamer, and Michelle Wie debuts at #3. Similar to the men's world ranking, the Women's World Rankings will base ranking on the field strength of tournaments played and player performance.

In the Fields Open in Hawaii, Wie finished third in a 54-hole tournament. I'm not used to seeing tournaments end on a Saturday, but the gals can watch Davis Love III take on Geoff Ogilvy in the final match of the Accenture Match Play Championship.

Good luck, Davis!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Check out the Matches

The Accenture Match Play Championship has started at LaCosta in Carlsbad, California. If you're not familiar with match play, it's an exciting format because every hole is a match. Rather than seeing who played the best based on the total score like in stroke play, the winner in match play is the player who wins the most holes during the match.

For example, Tiger is back after his flu forced to him withdraw at the Nissan Open. At LaCosta, Tiger beat Stephen Ames, 9 and 8, which means Tiger had won 9 holes with 8 holes to play. A resounding victory in match play, which usually comes down to the last two or three holes to decide the match.

Watch this tournament and listen to the announcers describe how players may play differently because it's match play. There's more intimidation and mind games played because of the format.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Watch and Learn

During my presentations on business golf, I often talk about what you can learn about someone by watching how he or she plays golf. Confident? Selfish? Team player? These characteristics and many more will be revealed to you by playing with that person.

I was talking with someone about a person she knows that won't play golf on a golf course, but just hits balls at the driving range. He hasn't been on a golf course for several years. Money for green fees or lack of time isn't his issue. Instead, he prefers to hit balls at the range because he doesn't enjoy the pressure of playing on the golf course.

What pressure was my thought? Each of us plays the game and hopes to do well. We have great days and bad days. Yes, it's frustrating when I don't play well, especially if it's a prolonged slump. But, in short time, the joy of being on the golf course, talking with friends, and getting exercise always takes me back to the course.

Although I couldn't play with that guy because he refuses to get on the course, I have a good idea about the guy at least with regard to golf. He sounds like someone who has unreasonable expectations about his game and is afraid to look bad on the course.

It's really too bad, and somewhat sad, because ultimately we're out there to have fun and enjoy the game!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pebble is Rocking

The start of the Pebble Beach AT&T has started. It's been glorious weather this week and will continue through the weekend.

Certainly the sponsors and corporate tent owners are having a great party. It's just not about great golf in a spectacular venue; it's about client relationship-building and schmoozing.

If you can go to a local PGA or LPGA tournament with a client, it's time well spent enjoying live phenomenal golf shots and building rapport.