Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Strange Day of Golf

I played with my most of my usual Sunday playing partners: my dad, who is 82 and still walks our hilly course, a dear friend, and her husband. He's not played with us as often over the years. I'm not sure why, except in the past a lot of bickering on the course occurred between them.

Today all went well until the 16th hole. My friend's husband hit several bad shots in a row, and pulled his final shot left toward the clubhouse. Yes, it was his final shot because he then walked across the 14th fairway to the edge of the fairway on the 18th.

None of us knew why he left in the middle of the hole. Was he upset that we didn't help look for his ball? His wife and my dad said the ball was in clear view. Was he not feeling well? Was he tired? We didn't know until we reached the green on the 18th. He explained that his left knee was giving out, so he didn't want to play anymore. That was understandable, but it would have been nice of him to tell us.

We then went into the clubhouse and saw the final hole of the Verizon Heritage tournament. On the playoff hole, Brian Davis hit his approach shot into the shore and his ball was on the sand with weeds and reeds around it. He took his club back and hit one of the reeds, and got the ball onto the green. Immediately though he called the rules official and explained what had happened.

Because the reed wasn't growing, it was considered a loose impediment and he was assessed a two-stroke penalty under Rule 13-4 for hitting a loose impediment during his back swing in a water hazard.

For Brian Davis to call a penalty on himself was admirable. He might not have won today's tournament, but he certainly won a lot of respect from his competitors and golf fans alike.

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