Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Plays Out on the Course

My handicap index has been the highest its been in a long time. I was at a low of 9.9 after last year's season, and I'm starting this season at 13.0. I've been busy with my latest project and distracted by working with vendors (some great and some horrible). And, my life has showed up on the golf course. Scoring higher, hitting poor shots, and just distracted with everything that was going on. Since the project has been completed, I can thankfully say my game is back to normal more or less.

Look at what's been going on with Tiger. If you watched Tiger in his last two tournaments, you've seen shots that we've never seen before from him--pop ups with a 3-wood, missing 2 footers, and even not making the cut. He's obviously very distracted with his life right now. The latest being his bulging disk in his neck (which I can empathize with him because I have one too) and his long-time swing coach, Hank Haney, resigned today.

The lesson I'm learning from my poor play these last few months is I need to be not so hard on myself when I'm not playing well. Besides weather and wet conditions being a factor with some high scores, I was also not focused on my golf game. Now that things have calmed, I'm swinging more smoothly and slower, and suddenly hitting the ball well again.

So if you've got stuff going on in your life, and your game isn't its usual best right now, be understanding and look forward to the days of playing well again when things settle down.

Play well and play often!

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