Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tiger Having Fun

Check out this video of Tiger having fun with some folks. Would love to have him join me on the tee any day.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy 2008!

The New Year has started and the PGA has already played its first tournament. It was an exciting finish at the Mercedes-Benz Championship at beautiful Kapalua Resort in Maui. I hope yesterday's four-hole playoff between up and coming Daniel Chopra and veteran Steve Stricker is indicative of future exciting finishes in this year's PGA.

I had a great year of golf in 2007! Some highlights include playing Pebble Beach with Sally Dodge, LPGA Master of Pebble, playing with Jerome Bettis and Kordell Stewart in Atlanta, GA, and winning a four-ball tournament with my partner against women of all three golf associations in Northern California.

Thus far, I have started this year with a round of golf at Spanish Bay. I played with my Dad, my favorite niece, and my favorite nephew. Birdied two par-3s which was exciting, but made a mess of some other holes. It would help if pin placement info. was given to the players, but for some odd reason the folks at Spanish Bay don't give any. Perhaps, they want players to hire caddies, but to speed play, it would help.

My golf wishes for the year include playing more often with friendly folks at a better pace of play, avoiding people who ask me ridiculous requests, such as not driving my ball when a golfer is about to hit his second shot in the fairway because the sound of my driver disturbs him (yes, I really was asked this and no, I didn't hit anywhere near him), and, finally, to continue to share the virtues of playing golf at speaking events throughout the country.

Hope you will enjoy a great year of golf this year!