Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nick Watney Star Struck

Nick Watney must have people asking for his autograph all of the time now that he's won twice on the PGA Tour. At Justin Timberlake's Shriner Hospital Open tournament in Vegas though, Watney is the one that's star struck.

Nick was seen getting Jerry Rice's autograph on his cap and golf ball. As a native Northern Californian, Watney thinks Rice is the greatest wide receiver (won't get many arguments) and was thrilled to get Rice's autograph.

After speaking with Jerry for my Golf to the Green Celebrity Interviews, I'm sure Jerry was thrilled to give Watney his autograph. Rice is a golf addict and respects the athleticism that golf requires. I found him humble and a delight to talk with.

Check out the four short videos that I give you on business golf, and then you'll get a chance to hear what Jerry has to say about playing golf.

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Alex Whittet said...

That's a great story! It proves that the tour pros are as human as the rest of us....and are fans in their own right!