Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stevie Speaks

Just read excerpts of Steve Williams' interview New Zealand's version of 60 Minutes. He is adamant that he didn't know about Tiger's escapades off the course. I'd like to see the segment and watch his facial expressions and body language. He's gotten caught up in this mess as well because people have accused him of covering up for Tiger.

I look forward to the day that Tiger is back on the course and playing competitively again. And, more importantly, that this whole ugly episode in professional golf is over. Let's hope it's soon!

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Suzanne Woo said...

Saw Stevie's interview and I think he's being honest that he didn't know about Tiger's off-course activities. I'm very ready to move on from this sordid story, and want to watch some great golf again. I hope the best for Elin and their children. She needs to decide what to do (go back with Tiger or move on) in the best interest of their children. Good luck, Elin!