Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sergio v. Tiger

If you follow golf, then you know that there is a war of words between Sergio, Tiger, and now even the marshals at The Players.

Sergio accuses Tiger of pulling a club when Sergio was in the middle of his swing causing fans to cheer. That disturbed Sergio, who hit a bad shot and now blames it on Tiger's poor sportsmanship.

I saw Sergio's shot live, but it didn't show where Tiger was in relation to Sergio. Apparently he was 50 yards away. Tiger thought Sergio had already hit and supposedly asked a marshal.

Now the marshals are in the controversy. Did they or did they not tell Tiger that Sergio hit, etc.?

I want to scream, "Children, stop, sit down, and be quiet!"

First, Sergio should have just talked to Tiger about Tiger's supposed rudeness. He didn't have to air what happened to the media and try to get sympathy. Sergio likes to play victim. Remember his comments after the Masters two years ago that he wasn't good enough to compete any longer?

Second, if Sergio was disturbed by the cheer, he should have stopped his swing midway. Tiger didn't blame the dragonfly on 14 that interrupted his swing. He stopped midway and then swung again. His shot then went into the lake, but we don't hear him complaining about the dragonfly.

Finally, Sergio needs to take responsibility for his bad shot. This isn't the first time I've seen a crowd cheer in the middle of a player's swing. Although the crowd may be on another hole, Tiger was half a football field away.

I try to like Sergio, but he needs to grow up. I've seen him spit in a golf hole, break a television camera, and now whine about Tiger. It didn't surprise me that he dumped two shots in the water at 17. He won't win a Major until he matures and stops being the victim. He doesn't need a swing coach. He needs a therapist.