Saturday, May 12, 2012


It was a beautiful afternoon and I was fortunate to be able to play at a local mid-upscale public course. My parents and I were in two different carts and I realized when we're in the middle of the hole that neither cart had a scorecard on the cart. I thought we would pick up a card in box that one typically finds on the second hole, but there wasn't one. I ended up having to call the pro shop to ask them to send out someone and bring us two scorecards. A young man came out, but unfortunately brought out only one card.

Maybe I'm spoiled after playing at a private club for all of the years, but for customer service sake, can't the cart folks put cards and pencils on the carts? I play another public course and that course doesn't put cards on carts either.

If it's too labor intensive, then I'd think it would behoove them to make sure pro shop and cart staffs remind players to get a scorecard. Or, when checking in, the pro shop give a scorecard. If the staff aren't going to do that, then at least have the box of scorecard and pencils on the second tee.

Seems to me that I'm not the only one who has had to call the pro shop to ask for a scorecard. Am I asking for too much? Would love to hear your experiences with cards.

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