Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don't Pull a Na

If you've been watching The Players, then you've seen Kevin Na's set up and his inability to hit the ball after six to eight waggles. The announcers have sympathized with his malady and praised how he's playing through it to be the 4th round leader.

I hope announcers tell viewers today that it's not acceptable in every day recreational, and especially business-golf, rounds. I was empathetic with Na and his struggles until I heard his post-round interview. He seems to have a routine with those waggles. First, a half waggle, then a longer waggle, and then another half waggle and longer waggle. If he can't pull the trigger after the sixth waggle, then the whiff.

I know about the benefits of having routines, but I didn't know it's even good to incorporate idiosyncrasies or whatever the mental game professionals call Na's problem.

I, too, am impressed how well he can hit the ball after his routine, but I hope viewers at home don't suddenly think it's okay to take that much time over the ball. In a business golf round, I know your playing partners will be rolling their eyes and snickering. Be assured that you'll not make friends or clients if you have Na's routine, even if you apologize profusely as Na has done.

And, how do you handle it if you have to play with Na or someone like him? I'd look away and just wait to look for his ball in the air after I hear ball contact. Zach Johnson declined interviews after his round with Na, but I hope Matt Kuchar talked to Zach and got tips on how to handle the distraction. I'm sure it's nothing most of the pros have encountered before, except maybe in Pro-Ams.

I look forward to watching the final round! Enjoy and hope you have a great Mother's Day!

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Alice Ryder said...

How would I handle a player like Kevin Na? Maybe I'll just grab the ball and run away. lol But the movie was great.