Thursday, May 31, 2012

Golf a Woman's Key To Competing In the Workplace?

Let me start with saying I'm not suggesting that if you're a woman that you must play golf to be successful. Of course, that's not true and there are many women who are successful without stepping on a golf course.

If your clients, prospects, supervisors, decision-makers that you deal with play golf, however, then I believe you're short-changing yourself by not playing golf. If these important folks in your life enjoy this game and have others in their life who enjoy the game, who do you think they're more likely going to want to spend time with and where? It's the golf course, most likely.

And besides, what's so wrong with being on most beautiful golf courses to do some business and seal some deals. Deals won't be made because you're an excellent business golfer. They'll do a deal with you because they'll discover that they like you, enjoy your company, and how you handle yourself on the golf course.

If you're thinking there is no way you'd play golf, please let me know and tell me why. Let's talk and see if I might give you another perspective on the game.

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