Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Annika v. Michelle (v. Bivens)

Wouldn't this be a great Sunday pairing for a major LPGA tournament? Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet on the course, but there is a war of words going on between the two most famous female golfers of their time.

Annika, as host of last week's Ginn Tribute tournament, is miffed with Michelle's withdraw on Thursday, especially since Michelle is back at the McDonald's LPGA Championship this week, playing in Monday's pro-am. Annika referred to Michelle's early exit as "lack of respect and class." Ouch!

Michelle is also getting it from Carolyn Bivens, LPGA Commissioner, who said one of Michelle's pro-am playing partners complained about Michelle. No word yet for what Michelle supposedly did and whether the complaint is valid, but a tough few days for the 17-year old.

With controversy abuzz from the powers to be on and off the LPGA course, she's growing up quickly. Yet, it was nice to see a glimpse of a young teenager as she talked about being stressed because of needing to turning in housing applications at Stanford.

I wish her the best as she maneuvers both LPGA and Stanford systems!

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