Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wie Update

I just learned that Michelle may have re-injured her wrist today, which is why she withdrew. There is another reason why she might have withdrawn. If you're an LPGA member and you shoot 88 during a tournament, you are not allowed to play in another LPGA tournament for one year. Although Michelle is not a member of the LPGA yet, I wonder if that was another factor in her withdrawing today?


wendyu said...

Actually, you have that wrong. The LPGA rules state that if a NON member of the LPGA shoots an 88, then that person cannot play in another LPGA event for a year. I'd bet my life this is why her agent advised her to WD!

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi wendyu,

You're right. The 88 Rule applies to a non-member of the LPGA. I hope that isn't why she withdrew, but it is suspicious with her agent and parents nearby. I'd hate to think they put her in the position of having to lie that it was her wrist rather than the 88 Rule. Only they know what's the truth.