Saturday, June 16, 2007

Third Time is the Charm!

On Thursday, I shot my third hole in one! What made it more exciting was I could see the ball roll into the hole. With the past two, the green was uphill, so I knew it was a good shot, but didn't know if it went in.

I used my 7-iron at our downhill 2nd hole, and I saw the ball bounce onto the green. A friend said that could be a hole in one. I said let's just watch it and then it disappeared.

Screaming started, but I still wasn't sure it went in, and asked, "Did it go in??" They all yelled, "YES!" We screamed again! Apparently, loud enough for many on the course to hear us.

Thank goodness, I have Hole in One insurance. It was Guest Day, so there were more players than usual and everyone was thrilled to have a free drink. Of course, I was more than happy to be the reason for the pouring.

I am also happy to be playing at my club rather than at Oakmont where the US Open is being played. That course is brutal! I thought Medinah's No. 3 was bad when I played it before the PGA Championship with 4-4 1/2" rough. But, Oakmont looks even harder with its rough and those slick greens. Definitely not a day in the park for those members!

Enjoy the US Open this weekend!

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