Sunday, June 17, 2007

Furyk-elson and Tiger Defeated in US Open

Angel Cabrera had to wait anxiously as Jim Furyk and Tiger played a couple more holes to determine whether he'd be in a playoff.

Unfortunately, Furyk took his driver out to the par-4 17th and hit into the thick rough. Although his par putt lipped out, it seemed like Furyk took a page from Mickelson with high risk, low gain shot. Given that his cousin is a member of Oakmont and they talked about conservative lines to play, it was not necessary to take out driver when he only needed to birdie.

Tiger also needed a birdie on either 16 or 17, but he couldn't get it done. His pure shot-making of yesterday was not as evident today.

Call me patriotic, but with the US Open, I want an American to win. Although a UK-born friend said to me, "What's the difference? The Americans win the British Open?" I said to her that's Colin Montgomerie's and all the other Scottish/European golfers' problem that can't get it done at their Open.

Although Cabrera played well, a cigarette-butt throwing Argentine golfer is not who I wanted to see win.

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PAUL said...

CABRERA'S THE MAN. HE WHOOPED TIGER. what- he smokes. I don't smoke either...and I don't like it. So what. Maybe you shouldn't be so critical...? Good for Cabrera. I like an underdog. And an "every-man." I hope he whoops Tiger again.