Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Virginia Tech Victory

VA Tech student, Drew Weaver, won the British Amateur Open on Saturday and dedicated his victory to the victims of the campus massacre. On a recent post, I talked about those who play to victory after suffering the loss of a loved one. Tiger did it at the Open last year. This year, Scott Verplank won at Byron Nelson's tournament.

Weaver described hiding in the library for three hours as the lock down of the campus occurred on that horrible day in April. Think it's hard to sink a 3 footer for victory at a golf tournament? After going through what he did, I believe there is an ability to put a golf tournament in proper perspective and not let it get to one's nerves.

Congrats to Drew and hope it brings some joy to the students and their families of VA Tech!

On a lighter note, the Women's US Open starts tomorrow. Let's see if Annika can defend her title!

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