Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tiger Never Gives Up

Tiger recently made a comment about his 142-consecutive cuts made in his diary. He says, "Mostly, the streak represents good execution down the stretch or good, old-fashioned luck." Instead of "or," I would have used "and." His streak is definitely good execution on his part and in one of my earlier posts I talked about having luck when playing golf. It's nice to see that a player of his caliber can admit to having some lucky bounces now and then.

His other thought was, "You never know what can happen if you keep trying." That's a great reminder for us in whatever endeavor we are in. Whether it's getting ten no's when cold calling or trying to beat your personal best golf score, keep trying and you will get a different result. It might not be the one that you want, but it'll be one that you can learn from.


dave said...

That was good to hear that he said that.

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