Tuesday, May 24, 2005

No Cheating Here!

Yesterday I had a great time playing in a scramble. The woman who invited me is a bank vice president and included in our foursome was her husband and a member of the country club that they are all members of. As a fundraiser for a local college, they, of course, sold mulligans and raffle tickets.

We each had two mulligans for the entire round. It was such a delight to play with this foursome because there was never a hint of cheating with the mulligans. I've played in others where some of the other players were a little generous with how they used their mulligans, and even though I said something about it, it still happened.

With my foursome yesterday, we kept count of the mulligans and when we were out of them, we were out. On our 17th hole, we could have used a mulligan because we ended up shooting a bogey on that hole. But, there was never any question and we took the bogey on our card.

In a business golf round, I'm less apt to call someone when they're cheating whether out of ignorance or intentional. I keep a mental note of it though. But, in a tournament, I don't want to be a winner when I know there was cheating. We didn't win yesterday, but it felt good to know that our two under was legit. Although we didn't win in golf, two of us won some nice raffle prizes--enough of them for each of us to take something home. So we each left as a winner, most importantly, with our integrity intact.


dave said...

Those things are always fun when your with the right poeple.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Dave,

Absolutely! I've only played twice in a foursome that I didn't enjoy playing in. I distanced myself from the other players and was still able to enjoy the solitude and the game of golf!