Thursday, June 09, 2005

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you watched the third round of the Memorial, you saw camera shots of Tiger on the driving range after he finished playing 18 holes. He didn't just have one large bag of balls; he had four large bags! I don't practice as much as I should, but I did last week. Although I didn't hit four large bags, I could tell the difference in my confidence of my swing and in my new clubs. So, a mantra that I know I would certainly benefit from is practice, practice, practice.

Perhaps you subscribe to my BizGolf E-Tips <>, and saw my latest suggestion for playing business golf is to invite a client or prospect to a practice session at the driving range. You'll still have relationship-building time and both of you will get some much needed practice.

I'm off to Seattle, Washington as a guest of MasterCard's where I will be playing Washington National Golf Club. It sounds like a tough course, but I hope to enjoy the beautiful scenary of the Pacific Northwest and time with new friends.

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