Sunday, May 22, 2005

Golf Leads to Leads

On Friday, I played in my club's team event with two other players I had not previously known from another club. Even though I had laryngitis, I was still able to talk some during the round. Eventually, the conversation turned to what type of work I do, and I shared that, besides being an attorney, I speak to corporations and associations about using golf to develop and enhance business relationships and to increase sales.

By the time we had lunch with four others, my voice was almost gone, so I didn't say much. When the conversation turned to someone's work schedule, one of my opponents excitedly said, "Listen to what she does!" as she pointed to me. Despite the lack of my usual strong speaker's voice, I shared what I did. As two women asked if I'd be interested in referrals to two different major corporatons in the area, I thought even without my voice, golf is a great networking tool!

Get out on the course! You never know who you will meet whether for friendship or a business relationship.

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