Friday, June 15, 2012

Sergio, Grow Up!

I'm watching the US Open, of course. Second to the Masters, it's a favorite major because it's our nation's tournament and amateurs are playing.

On a par 3 hole today, Sergio teed off and then we heard a smack on the television. It was Sergio destroying the ESPN microphone at the tee box with his club. Of course, he can afford to pay for a replacement and maybe a fine imposed by the USGA, or maybe even the PGA.

Sergio, you play a game and have made MILLIONS from doing so. The majority of your fans don't earn in a year what you make in a top-10 finish at a golf tournament. Grow up! You apparently don't believe you can win a major like you declared at the Masters. Save the fans of the game from your antics. Between spitting in a hole at Augusta, your recent club toss and today's antics, your temper tantrums on the course are getting old. Go see a sports psychologist and gain some maturity. Otherwise, quit playing if you're so miserable on the course.

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