Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Organic Cotton Rocks

I received a Criquet 100% organic cotton women's golf shirt to review. I chose the Ruby Red Lady's Player Shirt and I liked it! It has some fine detail stitching and it was comfortable to wear. Wore it twice. Once under a jacket and the other time without one. Both times it was easy to make a turn and didn't bunch up at the sleeves. It tapers from the shoulders to the waist, so more flattering than a baggy polo shirt.

Because it's made out of organic cotton, I didn't know if it would be more wrinkled after washing or more difficult to iron. There were no additional
wrinkles and the wrinkles ironed out easily. It might have shrunk slightly since it became more snug in the shoulders. I also like the feel of the fabric; smooth to the hand, not scratchy.

Overall, if you want an organic cotton shirt, check out Criquet!

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