Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger Out for the Season

Tiger announced today that he's going to have additional knee surgery and is out for the season. Besides suffering from soreness of the knee surgery that he had in April, he also suffered two stress fractures in his left tibia, which was causing him pain during the Open.

Tiger hinted something else was going on when a reporter asked him if the pain was caused by soreness from his surgery or something else. Tiger responded with a big smile, and said, "I know what it is." That told me something else was going on and it wasn't good.

I can't imagine Tiger not playing in the two remaining Majors -- the Open and the PGA Championship. Television networks, the PGA, and millions of golf fans must all be disappointed. Worse yet is for the winners of both Majors. They may always wonder after their victories, what if Tiger was playing? Would I still have won? It's going to be inevitable for them and others to wonder, but to the eventual victors, "Congrats! You won a Major and still beat the field!"

Tiger, thanks for the most memorable US Open, and hope your recovery goes well!

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