Monday, June 16, 2008

Amazing Victory!

I know people don't like Tiger. I've never understood why, but after today, I don't know how anyone could still not like him. He showed grit and beyond-human determination in playing 91 holes after surgery on his left knee, which was obviously causing him pain every day. Until Thursday, he hadn't even played or walked 18 holes, since his last round at the Majors. Yet he was able to go out and win his 14th Major.

If Rocco had won, I would have been just as pleased. I like his humble demeanor and his happy-go-lucky attitude. He demanded Tiger's respect and certainly made Tiger earn his 14th. Most of the higher-ranked golfers seldom give Tiger the fight that Rocco did today.

One friend complains that Tiger gets all of the lucky breaks. I think you "earn" luck. As a golfer with three holes in one, I would say they were lucky shots, but it took some skill to get the ball near the hole. After the ball lands, though, I concede it's luck if it goes in the hole. The same with Tiger. He's lucky when his chip on 17 goes into the hole, but at least he aimed well to hit the pin and got the bounce into the hole.

Another person says he's a show off and gets too excited when he does well. Get real is what I say. I think his expressions of glee or disbelief equal his focus and determination. He gets to celebrate all he wants when he makes great shots that go in the hole or fall to his knees when he's disappointed in his effort or the outcome. I agree though that cursing on national t.v. is unacceptable.

Perhaps the people who dislike Tiger so vehemently should take a look in the mirror about who they are. To not give Tiger credit for this victory and be sour about him shows more about their bitterness and inability to celebrate someone else's phenomenal efforts.

Congratulations to both Tiger and Rocco for making this the most memorable US Open I've ever watched!

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