Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do you play like Rocco?

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Did you watch Rocco Mediate play in the U.S. Open? Rocco gave a lesson on how to build relationships on the golf course.

I always emphasize with my clients that you're not out there to shoot your personal best score when playing in a business golf round. You should be out there building or deepening your business relationships. You're out there to be the gracious host and making sure your clients or prospects are enjoying their time with you on the links.

Rocco was obviously trying to shoot his personal best as he was trying to be the victor of the US Open. But he put on his "happy face" as NBC commentator Roger Maltbie described throughout most of his rounds on Sunday and Monday. By doing so he was almost successful in defeating the best golfer in the world, but he also developed a relationship with the thousands of fan in attendance as well as t.v. viewers. His personality and happy-go-lucky attitude made him a fan favorite over Tiger.

So when you're playing your business golf rounds, remember Rocco and you'll likely play your best round of business golf!

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