Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Golf in Perspective

Pro golfer Brandt Snedeker needed to two putt his final hole in last week's tournament, so he could play in The Tour Championship in two weeks. The Tour Championship is the final playoff to determine the winner of the FedEx Cup who will take home 10 million dollars.

Unfortunately Snedeker didn't just three-putt that hole, he four putted (watch the 1.33 minute video) it. It cost him tens of thousands of dollars.

In my presentations, I talk about the seven personal and business benefits of playing golf. The first one about playing golf is it's Fabulous Fun. I remind my audience that for us golf should be just fun (even, and especially, when we're playing with clients and prospects). We don't have to worry about how much a putt costs us if we miss it. Or, whether will we make the cut to play in the next round of a tournament.

If you're struggling with your game, remind yourself about the big picture as to why you're playing the game. Over the last two Sundays, I've attended two funerals of family members. One family member was only 62 years young. Life is short, so whether you play for the camaraderie, the competition, or exercise, keep playing and remember to have fun!

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