Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dual Winners at The TOUR Championship

I didn't watch the final round of the TOUR Championship today, but saw the final 4 holes on tape and the interviews following. Congrats to Tiger for winning the FedEx Cup and to Phil for getting his putting in gear and winning the Championship.

Unfortunately during Phil's interview he tried to make a joke about his not understanding why he shot 65 and got a check for $1.3 million only, while Tiger shot 70 and got a check for $10 million. I was happy for Phil given his trying year, but with that comment it showed his lack graciousness.

Meanwhile, I tried to play today, but after waiting on every shot and having three groups on one hole on several holes, my group decided we had had enough at the seventh tee. The foursome ahead of the field was playing in the final round of a match play event. They were at least 20 minutes behind and held up the entire field.

Worse is that one member of the foursome is a Board Member (he had previously complained that I disturbed him with the sound of my driver when he was hitting his second shot), it was pretty outrageous to play so slowly. Karma must have come into play as that Board Member and his partner lost today. If a Board Member can't figure out how to keep up the pace, then he should at least let groups through.

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