Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why Daly is a Fan Favorite

John Daly is playing in the final round of the BMW PGA Championship in England today. The good news is he's attempting to make a comeback. He's lost forty pounds and has a sponsor for those loud pants that he wears.

Today though he's wearing pink trousers in honor of Amy Mickelson and her battle with breast cancer. It's a sweet gesture from a guy who has a lot of demons of his own to fight. Keep up the great work, John!


Kevin K said...

I hope John can get back to The States and play some events. Its great for golf every time he tees it up. The fact that he can still shoot some serious scores regardless of his history makes him an attraction for me to watch.

Steve said...

John Daly is a fan favorite because he represents the 'average Joe' who somehow manages to blast off enormous drives and win majors. I mean think about it. Think about how many people there are with the same problems as Daly, with the same body type (over weight), with the same struggles. Now think about how many of them can do what he does. It's pretty incredible.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Kevin K and Steve,

Thanks for your comments. Yes, John Daly is the "average Joe" and he's got plenty of problems, but he seems to be making a comeback. I, too, would enjoy seeing him on the PGA Tour more.

I heard he hardly practiced before he dropped all of that weight. I'm glad for him that he seems to have nine lives as a professional golfer.

His length off the tee and his soft hands around the green are amazing. One can only imagine how good of golfer he would have been if he didn't have the other baggage.

Daly's wearing pink pants was a great gesture of support for the Mickelsons. On another note, I was disappointed that Tiger on Sunday at The Memorial had nothing to show his support of Amy Mickelson and breast cancer research. Maybe I missed the pink ribbon on his cap, shirt, or bag?