Sunday, May 10, 2009

Steady Stenson

The last time I wrote about Henrik Stenson was when he stripped to his shorts to hit a shot in a water hazard. Today though he was flawless and victorious at The Players.

Stenson explained he was hitting the ball well, and he managed himself well. Commentators talked about his hot temper. In 2001, while playing in a tournament, he walked off the course at the 9th hole. He's obviously matured.

Tiger on the other hand has exposed himself in another way. I don't recall seeing him miss so many shots that we're so used to watching him hit. He claims that he knows what the problem is with his swing, but he can't do it yet. Given his nine months off and a new knee, it's understandable, even for the Tiger, to have this inconsistency. The good news for him though is he can play two weeks in a row without his knee being in pain.

Congratulations, Henrik! The U.S. Open will be exciting in six weeks indeed.

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