Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sabbatini v. Tiger -- Round 1

Sabbatini in the spring said Tiger was more beatable than ever. Today at the Bridgestone Invitational played at Firestone Country Club in Ohio, Tiger made it clear whether he still was beatable. Tiger shot 9 strokes better than Sabbatini in the last pairing.

Tiger - 1
Sabbatini - 0

When a fan reminded Sabbatini of his comment, Sabbatini using an obscenity demanded that a police officer throw the fan out of the gallery. It's no wonder I've never liked him. Perhaps he'll learn his lesson that it's not wise to put out a challenge to the best player in the world!

Meanwhile, Lorena Ochoa won her first major of the LPGA at the Women's Open at St. Andrews. Good for her to get her first major victory out of the way!


Paul said...

I disagree 1012%.

You are obviously a HUGE Tiger fan and probably have posters of him on your wall.

I think people make wayyyyy too big of a deal out of this. He said "more beatable than ever." And to me, it was TRUE at the time. Tiger still beat him but I still say- BIG DEAL. Rory wasn't lying and that's the point. I just think it's ridiculous to rip a guy for being a competitor. And it wasn't anywhere near being any kind of an underhanded "shot" at Tiger either. Right now I could probably give you a good example to be honest but I have enough class to bite my tongue. :)

People talk about this comment of Rory's like it's sacrilegious and that drives me nuts. I say let the guy be whoever he wants to be and go about things however he wants to. And if he ACTUALLY says something that is ACTUALLY out of line I'll tell you what- I will be the FIRST guy to call him on it.

But for now--to be honest--I really hope he beats the pants off Tiger next time to prove you people wrong.


Paul said...

BTW you said:

"Tiger made it clear whether he still was beatable. Tiger shot 9 strokes better than Sabbatini in the last pairing."

This is all well and good...and of course is a hit to Rory's argument...but I say...

HE IS STILL BEATABLE. ANYONE is beatable. And besides- I still stand beside saying that at the time of Rory's comments he was speaking the truth. Rory should stand beside that too.

Maybe you do not have enough competitor in you to understand. You HAVE to think ANYONE is beatable. Eldrick Woods is very beatable. To me you simply cannot resign to putting yourself below someone else if you really want to be a competitor.