Friday, July 27, 2007

Wealth and Class -- Don't Go Together Always

Do you read Peggy Noonan? She's a regular columnist at the Wall Street Journal. She writes with a grace about her insights in everyday life, as well as in politics.

Her latest column ( talks about those who have wealth also often have poor manners. While reading her piece, I thought her observations also apply to the lack of etiquette that is too often seen on the golf course.

Some obvious examples of lack of class includes Sergio's spitting into the hole that I talked about in my last post. Or, cheating in golf as I shared in an earlier post. Another is about Tiger, which I hate to say because I like him so much, but can't he carry a handkerchief or tissue? It's not very attractive to watch him blow his nose onto the course.

As a member of a private club, I have seen a gradual increase over the years of members' not repairing ball marks and divots. It's their course, yet they don't seem to care and apparently expect someone else to clean up after them...usually me. Worst was when a former member, a psychotherapist, declared that since she paid to be a member she believed she can play as slowly as she likes. I sure pity her clients if she shares that attitude with her clients.

With wealth, it seems many have a "it's all about me" attitude and the hell with the rest of you. I hate to think we'd be better off without so much wealth in this country, but something needs to change so we can enjoy being in each other's company on and off the course.

I truly believe what you see on the course is who you'll get when doing business with a person. Simply said, a boor is a boor. So, play golf before you do business with someone to see if you really do want to do business with that person.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

When and where did Tiger do the nose blowing thing? I miss these things........

Suzanne Woo said...

Unfortunately, he did his thing during both majors -- on the course at the U.S. Open and on the driving range at the Open. He should know that every move he takes is going to be captured by some photographer and I really wish he'd change this habit.
It really is not pleasant to see.