Monday, August 13, 2007

Special Major for Tiger

The golf analysts will breakdown Tiger's victory at the PGA Championship. What struck me though is how much of a man he is now. The British Open last year marked his first Major victory without his Dad. This Major victory is his first as a father.

As he walked up the 18th hole with Stevie by his side and victory his to lose, he flashed a huge grin and pointed into the gallery. It's not clear whether he saw Elin and Sam near the trailer, but it was a surprise to him that they were there.

What if Tiger hadn't won, I'm sure he would have loved having them there to console him. He appears to have a healthy perspective about the game and his family. The latter coming first.

It'll be a great reminder when I'm struggling and hacking up the course that golf is just a game for me. I don't have millions and titles riding on every shot, and instead should focus on enjoying the company of those I'm playing with. While Tiger was winning his 13th Major, I got to play with a dear friend, my niece and my nephew, who I love as much as they were my own. How cool is that!

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