Saturday, July 21, 2007

Garcia as Open Champion?

Sergio Garcia is playing the 13th hole of the 3rd round at The Open with a 3-shot lead. There was a time that I would have been cheering him on to win. Overcoming his poor putting with his belly putter. In contention for his first Major and finally living up to his phenom fame.

But, since he spat into the hole during a tournament earlier this year, I'm not an enthusiastic fan. If he had apologized and was sincere, I would have said he got caught up in his frustration. Instead, he brushed it off like it was no big deal and the next day was indignant when the topic was raised again.

Golf is such a game of decorum and honor. For him to win his first Major at The Open just wouldn't be right.

I am hoping for Steve Stricker to go out tomorrow and play well. He's currently 3-shots out of the lead, but if you saw his interview after the round, you'd feel for him. He became emotional when asked what it meant for him to play so well. According to Azinger, he's worked hard to come back from his blocked shots and duck hooks. Good for Stricker and hope he plays well!

Enjoy The Open and the excitement of another Major!

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Paul said...

I agree. I have a hard time rooting for Sergio now after his spitting incident. That was COMPLETELY ridiculous. It was so ridiculous that I can hardly comprehend the ridiculousness of doing such a thing. (AND with the WORLD watching) And you're right- his response was maybe even more ridiculous. Completely canned. Completely insincere. Very disappointing. I almost feel like the interviewer should have called him on it right on the spot to get something more out of him than his "Well I did what I did and it happens and now we move on" BS. I cannot root for him anymore.