Thursday, May 24, 2007

Golf Cart Dangers

By now you've heard about the California man who took a 75' plunge off a cliff while driving a golf cart. It's no surprise that he didn't survive unfortunately. We all might want to go while on a pristine green of a beautiful course, but certainly not want it his way.

But, this cart event makes me want to share some other thoughts about carts. I drive a BMW and apparently my passengers don't quite enjoy the ride when I'm driving a cart. One playing partner threatened to get out and walk if I didn't slow down. She said she'd be a cripple if she had to sit with me for 18 holes.

So, I obviously take my speed-style driving onto the course and forget the suspension and handling of a golf cart is nothing like the Ultimate Driving Machine. I probably also take out my frustration with my game and drive aggressively to my ball. Needless to say, I'm more aware of my cart driving.

Another thing to be careful of is yelling while in the cart. I've been a passenger when my cart partner decided to yell something to our playing partners who happen to be on my side of the cart. While I may be a speed demon, at least I don't deafen my cart partner for several holes.

Just some thoughts to make it an enjoyable round for you and your partner. Hope you're enjoying daylight savings time and some beautiful weather on the course!

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