Sunday, August 02, 2009

Persistence Pays Off for Tiger & Wie Selection for the Solheim Cup

After Thursday, I saw Tiger was tied for 95th in jeopardy of not making the cut for two consecutive tournaments. I thought it wasn't a good way to go into his final major, the PGA Championship.

Then, on Friday, he had a spectacular round and climbed his way to the first page of the leaderboard, and, of course, we know how this story ends. He wins today by three strokes.

His persistence and never believing he's out of a tournament are what makes Tiger a winner. Sure it's his great shot making and putting (except for Thursday), but there is just something else that makes him a winner from that far back.

Intimidation is still a factor. I'm in Tahoe where we don't have t.v. in the house, so I followed the tournament online and saw those ahead of him falling back as he rose up the leaderboard.

Given his past endorsement of Buick, I'm sure it's a nostalgic victory for him to win another Buick Open, especially since GM will not be sponsoring this tournament (or any other, I'm sure) any longer.

As to the Solheim Cup, Captain Beth Daniel selected Michelle Wie and Juli Inkster as wildcards for the team. A nice selection of veteran toughness and grooming a rookie for regular play on the team. Good luck, US Team!

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