Sunday, August 30, 2009

Golf is Still Business Meeting of Choice

According to, add golf to your resume:

"If you are looking for a financial, investment, real estate, marketing, or other business related job, golf is for sure the sport for you. It has become the business meeting sport of choice. Whether you are playing a round with your boss or a potential client, they will be impressed with your skills. If you are at least knowledgeable and some what able to hold your own on the green, let your hirer know. It is always good for the boss to have a go to guy to send to the green."

Liberty National in New Jersey has spectacular views of New York. President of Barclays, Robert Diamond, said Liberty National was selected because of its proximity to New York and businesses. Barclays bought most of the assets of Lehman Brothers, and they certainly see its golf sponsorship as a wise marketing investment.

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