Monday, July 20, 2009

Painful Finish to The Open

I was so hoping that the first TW from Stanford could sink that 10 footer on 18 for the victory, but it had no chance. Such a disappointment and such a let down.

Then, to watch the four-hole playoff was even more painful as Cink sank pars and another birdie on 18 while Watson had bogeys and worse. Just not a way for Watson to finish a tournament that should have been his on 18.

Can't take anything away from Cink though as he birdied 18 to take the clubhouse lead and force a playoff. Congratulations, Stewart Cink, on your first Major and what a memorable one it will be!

I liked Watson's talk of spirituality during his press conferences over the weekend. He felt that something else helping him during this tournament, and was willing to admit it. Whether it was his long-time caddy or whomever, he had a guiding hand with him from afar. I'd hope we've all had that feeling. Don't know where it comes from and it's hard to describe, but you have that sense things will go your way that day on the course. Congratulations, Tom, on showing golfers that youth isn't everything in golf, and maturity in life will always serve you.

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