Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phil's Return

Phil is back from time with his wife and focusing on her medical care. He's playing in the St. Jude Classic as he prepares for the U.S. Open in two weeks.

I've not always been a fan of his play, but have always liked him as a person. He seems approachable with fans as he gives high fives and tips his cap. At the same time, I've heard he's not so nice in the press room. Given the press these days, I can understand that.

It'll be interesting to watch how he does this weekend with what's on his mind. He said he'll be driving now and suddenly start to cry. He's obviously a man that loves his wife and family, and willing to let everyone see his vulnerability. And, I'm sure if he doesn't play well or even win the U.S. Open, he won't mind. There is only one battle that he's focused on now, and the one with Tiger and the rest of the field is not it.

Good luck, Phil, and best wishes to Amy, you, and your family!


frugal golfer said...

Well written. I'm slowly becoming a fan of big Phil.

Steve said...

I am kind of on the other side of the fence as you, Suzanne. While Phil's game has always been inconsistent (to say the least) I have always enjoyed watching him play. Some of the shots he was hitting at this years Masters when he was paired with Tiger were unbelievable. Granted, he didn't really close it out, but I digress....

I've always seen him as somewhat of a jerk from a personality perspective but I would have to agree that, given all that he is going through, he appears to be more 'human' than I had previously thought. People are shaped by their experiences and I am sure that anyone who has to go through such trying times as Phil is going through currently will come out a better and humbler man for it.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Steve,

I agree with you about Phil's shots at the Masters. Watching Phil and Tiger hitting great shots after great shots was a lot of fun.

I just never understood his need to gamble on certain shots. I'm thinking of 18 at Pebble Beach where he didn't have to go for the green, but he did and ended up in the Pacific. He would have likely won otherwise. I understand he's a gambling man, but be smart about it.

He certainly showed his human side in the press room the first day of the St. Jude. Like you say, Phil is being shaped by his experience.

First, it was Tiger after the loss of his Dad on the green sobbing with Stevie. If Phil pulls off a victory at Bethpage, we'll probably see something similar. Their fierce competitors, but underneath it all, are two men who love their family first, and then the game of golf.

Best of luck to Phil at the U.S. Open!

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